Ojii-san no Lamp

Title:Ojii-san no Lamp
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Notables: KAMIYA Hiroshi
A young boy finds an old lamp in his house, but is unable to identify what this thing is supposed to do. His grandfather then tells the boy the story behind the object.
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25 minute TV special that aired on March 12, 2011.
Animated by Telecom Animation Film

One of four half-hour shorts created as part of a proposal created by the Japanese government that granted funding to an organization of animation staffers called the Japan Animation Creators Association to help train young animators.
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Rent 8 8 8 7 8 Ggultra2764 [series:2609#1552]
I made the unfortunate choice of watching this animated short in its original raw format thus I was left to figure out stuff on my own using whatever limited grasp of Japanese I knew to follow what was going on via dialogue. From what I could make out, this short film focused on an old man telling his grandson the times he experienced with an oil lamp and the advancements of technology that later effected him. The story features the old man's times as a child when the oil lamp first made its presence felt on his village, becoming a salesman of oil lamps as he grows up and accepting the presence of electric lights. The anime is essentially a simple tale of an old man who holds onto his memories of older technology while accepting the fact that more modern conveniences continue to come along. Ojii-san no Lamp makes great use of its 25-minute time frame to tell the grandfather's story and present its moral to signify how much oil lamps meant to him. The animation for the short has subdued color tones and defined details that go along well with this historic story, and makes great use of its lighting to depict how majestic the flames coming from the oil lamps seemed to the grandfather. This will definitely not be your cup of tea if you are used to the more conventional trappings found in more mainstream anime titles. But if you don't mind a historical tale of an elder man accepting the advancement of modern times, then Ojii-san is definitely worth a look. I give this a strong Rent recommendation.

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