Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Golden Wings

Title:Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Golden Wings
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Ougon no Tsubasa
Legend of the Galactic Heroes MOVIE (1992)
LoGH: Golden Wings
銀河英雄伝説外伝 黄金の翼
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Reinhard von Müsel, a poor nobleman's son, one day discovers that his sister, Annerose, has been sold to the royal family. To get her back he sets out to rise quickly through the military along with his friend Siegfried Kircheis.
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Prequel OAV to Legend of the Galactic Heroes released in December 1992.
Animated by Kitty Films
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Whoever was involved in making this movie within the Legend of the Galactic Heroes franchise made something that is quite the far cry from the quality writing and presentation one would expect from the franchise. Golden Wings' presentation is significantly different from other chapters of the LoGH franchise sporting a far different drawing style, new voice actors in the roles of the show's prominent characters, taking away the title's famous orchestral music scores for generic dramatic pieces and dumbing down the writing of the series to the point where this movie gets in the annoying habit of rubbing in your face the ordeals faced by Reinhard and Kircheis. The last mentioned issue was one that really irked me as other titles within LoGH are well known for their intelligent writing that explores the complex motivations of the show's various characters and factions, while Golden Wings doesn't seem to trust the audience to come to their own conclusions with how the characters go about with their activities throughout the movie.

As for this movie's plot, it is mostly focused on establishing the bond with Kircheis and Reinhard with the first third of the movie showing how they met and joined the military to rise in power while later parts feature the two involved in a battle at Iserlohn Fortress with Alliance forces and getting by against Imperial assassins from a grouchy concubine of the king who is simply jealous of Reinhard's sister getting the king's attention. Details from the first third of the movie are likely those you would have already seen from the OVA series and while the Iserlohn Fortress battle is a decent enough plot, it still reeks of the annoying hand-holding that Golden Wings' writing has with exploring the difficulties faced by Reinhard and Kircheis through their rise in the ranks of the Empire's military.

While Golden Wings isn't a bad movie per say, it lacks the sophistication and intelligence that is given to other titles within the LoGH franchise as the movie is too radically different in presentation and writing to be admired by the franchise's fans. If you really want to see the challenges faced by Reinhard and Kircheis in their early military years, you would be better off checking out the two LOGH Gaiden OVA titles.

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