Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijō

Title:Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijō
Daily Lives of High School Boys
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Notables: Animation - SUNRISE
R1 License - NIS America
SUGITA Tomokazu
A glimpse into the lives of Tadakuni, Yoshitake, and Hidenori; three friends attending a boys-only high school.
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12 episode TV series that started airing on January 9, 2012.
Animated by Sunrise
Licensed by NIS America
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Buy 8 7 7 7 7 7 Ggultra2764 [series:2520#1552]
Daily Lives of High School Boys made for a fun comedic romp for me throughout the Winter 2012 anime season. Focused on the bizarre antics of both the trio of friends (Tadakuni, Tabata and Tanaka) and members of the school student council, nothing was off limits with what this series decided to mock: the typical cliches of high school themed anime, the bizarre behavior of the guys blowing up in their faces, the interactions that boys have with the opposite sex, aspects of otaku culture, ripping at the fourth wall. The show also tossed in its comical touch during the least likely moments such as the sponsor screens seen at the start and end of each episode, transitions between the next skits showing a still shot of the aftermath from a skit and even having a "separate show" in many episodes called "High School Girls are Funky" featuring a separate trio of girls behaving just as bizarrely as the guys. If you are expecting anything more than comedy from the series, don't bother watching this as the series doesn't offer much depth to its characters and there isn't much of a plot to be found with it. Otherwise if you are looking for a fun slice-of-life comedy title that isn't of the now washed-up "high school gal pals" approach, Daily Lives of High School Boys is a definite watch.

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Rent Stretch [series:2520#628]
(All episodes watched--twice):

This has turned out to be an very funny show which is well worth watching. Each episode consists of a number of little comedy skits, about odd topics ranging from what it would be like for a boy to wear a skirt to feeble attempts to tell scary ghost stories. Being a little original is always worth something. At first I was uneasy about the way that the personalities the three principal guys didn't seem to be getting enough development, and felt that Daily was not quite uproariously funny, but that didn't turn out to be a problem since this show just plain tells jokes without attempting to tell much of a story. The jokes are funny enough that no long-term plot is really needed to fill an entertainment gap. There are some reoccuring themes, like the strange, book-reading girl who the guys sometimes encounter at a riverbank. The guys do stupid and irrational things which only a teenage boy could think of, and the jokes are fresh and sometimes downright hilarious as a result. After the credits (and the laughably inane play that the boys perform at some sort of cultural festival) there's a short segment, 'High School Girls Are Funky', so that the female students get some attention. I get a lot of laughs from this show but not many things worth writing down occur to me while watching it. So far, it makes me laugh, and that's about it--but that's good enough.

I have rewatched the show a second time, which is about the most honest form of praise I can give it. I had forgotten the punch lines to almost every gag, so it was as much fun the second time around as it was the first. Most anime comedies aren't even funny enough to be worth watching even once. While there's no longterm plot, you get to know the numerous characters and are sorry to see them go when the series ends. There was a mention of a second season to Daily Lives, but it was either a joke or nothing came of it, which is unfortunate.

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