Tetsuwan Birdy Decode: The Cipher

Title:Tetsuwan Birdy Decode: The Cipher
Birdy the Mighty Decode OVA
鉄腕バーディー DECODE OVA
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Notables: Animation - A1 Pictures
R1 License - FUNimation
This OVA is set between the events of the first and second seasons of Tetsuwan Birdy Decode.

This was released as an "extra" episode for the video release of Tetsuwan Birdy Decode 2 on July 22, 2009.
Animated by A-1 Pictures
Released with Tetsuwan Birdy Decode 2 in Funimation's video release of the series.
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Rent 8 8 7 7 7 Ggultra2764 [series:2482#1552]
This OAV was a bone tossed at fans of Birdy the Mighty: Decode for a final peek to see things that went on with their favorite characters from the series. It does fill in some gaps for story such as what Nakasuki was doing when she moved following the events of the first season. But beyond that, Cipher follows a similar mood as the first season featuring some comedy coming off of Birdy and Tsutomu's interactions with one another and a chase sequence towards the end of the episode. If you've been a fan of both seasons to Birdy the Mighty Decode, then this will be of definite interest for you.

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