Nyanpire The Animation

Title:Nyanpire The Animation
にゃんぱいあ The Animation (Japanese)
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Notables: FUKUYAMA Jun
"Once upon a time, there was a poor, abandoned little kitten. He was so hungry that he couldn't even stand up anymore. Just when the tiny light of that tiny life was about to go out, a vampire appeared from out of the darkness. The vampire gave his own blood to the kitten, and gave him the gift of eternal life, to live as a vampire. And thus the Nyanpire was born!"

12 episodes
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Perhaps the biggest joke in this short, fragment-episode series is the first one--the premise itself. I couldn't help laugh-out-louding when it was explained. Nyanpire is totally ridiculous as a cute, loveable kitten becomes a supposedly terrifying vampire. There are four main characters--the Vampire-cat, the Samurai-cat, the Fallen Angel-cat (that one was clever), and the white Little Brother-cat. I don't know if I would remain engaged by 23 minutes worth of this stuff, but these short bits are fun and don't overstay their welcome. This was a fun, silly show with some wit and a fresh premise. As much fun as the episode itself is the live-action song and dance act during the credits--I can't get that out of my head, and fortunately don't want to.

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