K-On! TV Special

Title:K-On! TV Special
K-On! TV Special - Winter Days!
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As the cold winter weather moves in, Yui offers to have nabe with everyone, but the girls are drawn away from each other by various concerns and obligations.

[2009, TV special, 25 min, aired a week after the end of K-ON! but not part of the series; included on BluRay DVD #7]
[edit] The ↗K-On franchise:

First season:
  • (2009) K-ON! (1st season, 12 TV episodes)
  • (2009) K-On! TV Special (1st season "episode 13", 1 TV special)
  • (2010) K-ON! OVA (1st season "episode 14", 1 OVA episode)
  • (2009) Ura-On! (4-koma scenes, 7 short DVD special episodes)
Second season: Movie:
OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Watch 9 7 8 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:2443#1552]
This "special" is just there to show off some different sides to the girls that weren't shown in the series. Beyond that, doesn't add much new to the series. Only watch if you're a diehard K-ON fan.

Last updated Sunday, March 30 2014. Created Sunday, March 30 2014.
Rent Stretch [series:2443#628]
Episode 13, the Winter Days one, served as a sort of postscript. I liked the way it transformed from a dreary story on a cold winter's day into a pleasing farewell to the girls (especially Ricchan's misunderstanding of the note left in her locker).

Last updated Monday, April 04 2011. Created Monday, April 04 2011.
Watch 8 8 7 8 6 6 Devil Doll [series:2443#752]
[Score: 72% = "Watch+"]

A silent filler much like episode 7 of season 1, focusing on mostly unknown aspects of each character. Nice but not enough content to call for the same rating as the TV series.

Last updated Monday, April 04 2011. Created Monday, April 04 2011.

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