Honey Tokyo

Title:Honey Tokyo
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Notables: Animation - Studio 4°C
NOTO Mamiko
Honey, age 16 and from the future, time-travels to Tokyo of our time in order to collect "happiness" and take it away to her own time. For this purpose she hijacks the boy Takeru (calling him "future's savior") and begins her task with his help.
But when more and more art, culture and tradition elements begin to vanish and the colors of Tokyo are fading, Takeru suggests that Honey should try and experience living in Tokyo first. And when they start touring Tokyo and Honey gets to know more inhabitants and places of interest she begins to question the purpose of her task...

A promotion anime (10 min) for the City of Tokyo with well-known seiyuu, streamed als Flash movie by the tourism office of Tokyo, subtitled in English, Chinese, Korean, German, Italian, Spanish and French. The production budget of about US$550.000 was paid by a national government subsidy.
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Rent 7 9 7 7 7 9 Devil Doll [series:2315#752]
[Score: 74% = Rent-]
An interesting approach on tourism marketing - an anime with a real story!

Not too deep and with simple characters but interesting enough for anime fans to have a look; not as strong as Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~ Miyuki but at least with a bit of a message. Downgrade for Art due to the mix of real-movie footage with animation.

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