Yosei Hime Rane

Title:Yosei Hime Rane
Elf Princess Rane
Fairy Princess Rane
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Notables: DAICHI Akitaro
R1 License - Media Blasters
Join Go Takarada and Ren Jepanikoulas, as they search for the four-heart treasure; only to get into more trouble than they were before. Destroying Takuma's dreams and the Yumenokata Foundation's property, the involvement of the Fire Department Task Force, and if it hasn't gotten confusing enough, another fairy witch named Rin is out to kill Ren. You'll definitely be pulling out your hair to figure out what the hell is going on with this short comedy series.
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Buy 8 7 7 5 Midnighter [series:228#94]
Elf Princess Rane was very amusing. The dub from Anime Works is great, and in my opinion funnier than the subtitles, particularly
the song in the middle of episode 2.
The character designs are nice, looking a bit like Jungle De Ikou. Go reminded me a bit of Carrot from Sorcerer Hunters. I didn't have any trouble following the storyline, having experienced Furi Kuri firsthand. Again, the English dialogue is delightful, and I'm not sure, but I think some of the Oh My Goddess voice cast is used. A very well done job by the english cast, at any rate.
I was thrown a bit by the fact that there's only 2 episodes available, despite a "next episode" preview at the end of the second. I would definately like to see more of Rane, a solid little anime that rates a buy overall for being funny, well written, and having nice character designs.

Last updated Thursday, May 30 2002. Created Wednesday, December 12 2001.
Watch 6 6 6 6 7 Kaitou Juliet [series:228#137]
I'd had my expectations raised by hearing what a great, zany comedy this was, and I was a bit disappointed by how incoherent it turned out to be. I suppose this one is probably funnier if you understand Japanese. There are a few good moments, though. (Hint: read the subtitles very carefully!)

Last updated Tuesday, April 03 2001. Created Friday, February 16 2001.
Buy 8 8 7 5 7 8 Mark Clifton [series:228#126]
Beware of this Anime!
With only two episodes, this short OVA series can be considered an extreme comedy. Don't be surprised when you watch it again and again, probably just to figure out on what's happening. ^^;
But be aware, this series is super fast paced, so you can seriously loose what's going on in the storyline. People with heart problems and pregnant women should be careful when watching this insane anime.

Last updated Tuesday, January 23 2001. Created Tuesday, January 23 2001.

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