Kimagure Orange Road (Pilot)

Title:Kimagure Orange Road (Pilot)
Kimagure Orange Road: Shonen Jump Special (OAV)
きまぐれオレンジ☆ロード (Pilot)
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Notables: Animation - Studio Pierrot
Kyosuke's little cousin Kazuya wants to go on vacation to ↗Okinawa, but not with his boring family. He would rather go with Kyosuke and his fun school friends. So Kyosuke, Madoka, Hiraku, Yūsaku and little Kazuya all jet off for a few days of fun, games and mischief at a hotel on a beautiful Okinawan beach.

Released some two years before the KOR TV series, this single OVA episode is set late in the chronology of the story told in the manga series.

The Shonen Jump Special title is in reference to the monthly manga magazine in which the KOR story was originally published. For more info, see the wiki entry for the ↗KOR series.

1 OVA episode, 24 min.
[edit] The ↗Kimagure Orange Road franchise:
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Watch 6 6 6 6 5 Ggultra2764 [series:2235#1552]
Wasn't even aware of this special to Kimagure Orange Road (TV) until I seen Mikomi made mention of it. It looks like this OVA was made as a promotional tie-in for KOR's manga adaptation considering the standalone plot it has with Kyosuke, Madoka and Hikaru. So I guess this was made in mind for fans of the manga during the time it was released considering you learn very little of the three otherwise here and it has a different seiyuu cast before the TV anime's run two years later. Unless you are looking to see all things KOR, there isn't really much you're missing out on here and I wouldn't be too desperate at trying to snag it up.

Last updated Saturday, March 02 2013. Created Saturday, March 02 2013.
Watch Devil Doll [series:2235#752]
I second Jan-Chan's impression about this pilot, it didn't leave any lasting impression with me.

Last updated Wednesday, November 04 2009. Created Wednesday, November 04 2009.
Watch Jan-Chan [series:2235#967]
This OVA pilot was originally released in 1985, so lets not talk about finding any high quality animation here. And since this is more of a standalone side story and not part of the over-all continuity, it’s really not to relevant to the KOR TV series. Its kinda like the string of empty OVA episodes (OVA1 and OVA2).

If you have seen and enjoyed the other KOR episodes and movies, then this might be an interesting quick watch. I want to say something nice about this, but it really was not that funny and offered nothing special or new – so lets just say BLAH and call it a WATCH.

Last updated Thursday, November 05 2009. Created Wednesday, November 04 2009.

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