PaniPoni Dash! (OVA)

Title:PaniPoni Dash! (OVA)
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Notables: HORIE Yui
YUKINO Satsuki
Seven students who have failed the year-end exam are offered a strange second chance: a "Kick-The-Can To Get Out Of Retesting" competition.

Approximately 30 minutes.

A sequel to PaniPoni Dash!
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Rent Stretch [series:2107#628]
This will not make a whole lot of sense to anyone who's not already familiar with PPD. A refresher course on all the bizarre quirks of the original series, stretched even farther--that's how I'd describe this OVA. There are all sorts of weird visual jokes (Dinosaurs grazing alongside the stage?), which make no sense at all yet cause you to laugh--provided you're a fan of this sort of comedy, that is. I am, and thoroughly enjoyed this bonus episode. Describing it as "filler" is kind of pointless since there is little plot to the TV series as a whole. Nonsensical behavior also abounds, like the aliens playing a violent videogame while discussing a childhood hobby. There were a number of WTF moments for me. Is the fat guy wearing a helmet a parody of the manga author? That thought had never occured to me during the TV series. There were a number of jokes which referred to other series, including Gurren-Lagann, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Akikan (which would mean this OVA was released relatively recently--I'm glad to see that interest in PPD is still high in Japan). this OVA reminded me of the unique sense of humor which PPD possesses, one which we haven't seen in any new shows for several years. As a result, I dusted of my DVDs of the TV series afterwards and rewatched several episodes.

My favorite line: "The scary tyrant was about to make me dance the lamdaba with him!" --Himeko

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