Cat Shit One

Title:Cat Shit One
Apocalypse Meow
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The war against terrorism has gone private. War has always been a profitable business, so having private corporations field their own armies to fight against terrorism is just good business. Who else could protect those innocent bunnies from the religiously fervent turbaned donkey fanatics. It falls upon a small cadre of seasoned furry rabbit soldiers to take the battle to the donkey's home turf.

Derived from a popular Vietnam-conflict based manga series called ↗Apocalypse Meow which uses animal characters to tell the story of the war against terrorism. Non-human cast of characters notwithstanding, this compelling and painstakingly-researched work places an emphasis on factualism in order to accurately portray the weapons and tactics used by soldiers.

Created and illustrated by KOBAYASHI Motofumi and originally released in 1998. The three book Apocalypse Meow manga series is licensed for R1 release by ADV Manga.

Word puns abound in this series - 'Rabbit' in Japanese is 'Usagi' and 'Usagi' = USA G.I.

Animation Production by Studio Anima. 1 episode web-released 2010-07-17, no indication whether more episodes are going to follow.
Trailer for the anime series (~3 min)- YouTube Vid
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Unevaluated Silence [series:2090#2939]
Cat Shit One is very well animated, and the action scenes are rather realistic, if you accept that the duo of Packy and Botasky are very professional and their enemies incompetent, stupid and inexperienced.

But i do not really know what to make of the use of animals as main characters. It makes the show light, when most other elements are serious.

Last updated Friday, July 23 2010. Created Friday, July 23 2010.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:2090#628]
(Trailer and episode one watched):

With CGI that verges on live-action realism, this would be a completely serious action movie, sort of like Rambo--except that the characters are rabbits. On the one hand it seems as if it wants to be taken seriously, yet on the other it clearly doesn't; sort of a daring self-parody. It seems to work and I'm eager to see where it will go. There are no subtitles in the trailer, except for a statement about how it was "filmed".

Episode one involves a hostage rescue by rabbit comrades Packy and Botasky in a remote middle eastern village (their opponents are camels). There's not much that is surprising about the plot; it's an "I'll-hold-the-bad-guys-off-while-you-escape-and-don't-even-think-about-helping-me" sort of story. However, the action, the clever tactics, the realistic firepower, all were cool--few anime shows bother to put anywhere near as much effort into making combat scenes this good. The visuals were like those of a highly realistic video game; it's almost as if we are playing such a game, and have gotten very good at it. The episode is pretty much all action, with little of the rest of the show's premise revealed. We get to know the two rabbits and I am left eager to see what will happen to them next. Perhaps it's because of the basic absurdity of animal-on-animal warfare that the considerable violence doesn't disturb us. I wonder why a show with such a novel premise, which seems almost guaranteed to be highly popular, has taken so long to actually appear.

Last updated Sunday, August 01 2010. Created Sunday, March 29 2009.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:2090#967]
OHHHH !!!!!! Kawaii !!!!!

Killer fuzzy bunny wabbits with AK47s and RPGs beating up on the 'bad' Viet Cong Kitties and the 'heathen' Muslim Donkeys. What's not to like???

A short trailer has been released, in which they dodge the entire Vietnam war story completely. It tells that 'due to global conditions', ex-military soldiers have been recruited into a private (corporate) army dedicated to fighting terrorism and revolutionaries. I think that it's still OK to beat up, blow up and bomb turbaned terrorists and rabid revolutionaries. That is unless it's changed from last week....

Let's all cough up a hairball and give a fuzzy cheer for ↗furry fandom!!!

The manga series uses various animals to portray different nationalities:
  • American – Rabbit
  • Vietnamese – Cat
  • French – Pig
  • Chinese – Panda
  • Japanese – Monkey and Gorilla
  • Russian – Bear
  • Korean – Dog
  • British – Rat
  • Australian – Kangaroo
  • German – Fox
  • Middle Eastern – Camel, Goat and Sheep
  • Argentines – Cow
Description of the Vietnam era ↗Apocalypse Meow series ...

Inside the jungles of Vietnam, a courageous Special Ops. Unit is fighting the most infamous war of decades past—the Vietnam War. This bold account follows the brave exploits of Sergeant “Perky” Perkins and his unit…of rabbits! Join Rats, Perky and Botaski as they fight against the cats of the Viet Cong. From the Tet Offensive to the My Canh bombing, watch these commando-style bunnies through an ↗anthropomorphic lens as events unfold and violence erupts.

Last updated Wednesday, July 21 2010. Created Sunday, March 29 2009.

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