Rakushou! Hyper Doll

Title:Rakushou! Hyper Doll
Hyper-Doll: Mew & Mica The Easy Fighters
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Notables: IIZUKA Mayumi
MADONO Mitsuaki
R1 License - Pioneer (Defunct)
TACHIKI Fumihiko
The story of two undercover female superheroes who jump on heart to fight weird monsters and live their social life as college girls (bet it sounds like a deja vu ^_^)

[OVA, 1995, 2 episodes, ~29 min each]
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Watch Forbin [series:205#1573]
When I watched this 2 episode OVA I thought I was coming into Episode 3. It made a ton of assumptions that you knew what was going on (then proceeded to remind you ala Flashback scenes).
Hmmmm...take Project A-Ko, mix in the graphics of Happy Lesson, and take the announcer of Sorcerer Hunters and you have this anime.
Not much to say but at least it is better than Angel Cop.

Last updated Monday, December 27 2004. Created Thursday, December 23 2004.
Watch Stretch [series:205#628]
(Watch minus; many would say "Avoid")

What if a pair of beautiful superheroines were sent to defend planet earth, but once they got here they refused to take their assignment seriously? Instead, they concentrate on enjoying good food, ridiculing their classmates, carelessly causing property damage, and just plain bitching with each other. That's the basic premise of Hyperdoll. Although certainly not worth 40,000 Lire (see below) I found that this show had it's moments. Not much of a plot, mind you, rather it's the lazy and careless attitude of Mew and Mica, the Hyperdolls, which amused me. The only things which keep them from forsaking their duty altogether are the occasional messages they recieve from their alien coordinator, by way of a pizza box (!). Transforming from typical schoolgirls into the Hyperdolls involves the usual nudity. Ironically, once they feel motivated to transform, they have little trouble kicking monster ass (the fact that the "monsters" are rather laughably absurd doesn't hurt). This show could have been worse. It's the sort of show you watch when you'd rather see something new than something which you know is above average but you've already seen before. I guess sometimes a show has such a enjoyably ridiculous premise that you get a kick out of it even though the jokes and plot themselves aren't all that great. In fact, I even went looking for the second episode on E-bay (and turned out to be the only one willing to place the minimum bid of 99 cents!). This second one is pretty pathetic although it did crack me up at one point when Akai, a normally reserved schoolmate of the Hyperdolls, suddenly makes a comment which had to have several words bleeped out. All-in-all, though, I was impatient for it to be finished. After the episodes themselves, my VHS tapes include bizarre live action-music video-cosplay-omake segments which are worth watching once. I think it's the actual voice actors who are playing these parts. I'm a little nostalgic about Hyperdoll, since it was one of the very first anime I acquired other than from taping episodes on Adult Swim.

My favorite line: "Now I see why you're being such a bitch--the back of your head is flat! That's why you try to hide it with that awful hairstyle!"


Last updated Sunday, March 16 2008. Created Friday, April 18 2003.
Avoid 0 0 0 0 0 0 Luke [series:205#91]
I might be unfair but this serie TOTALLY SUCKS !!! It's a Sailor Moon look-a-like only with less brain.
If you'll ever decide to waste your money and buy some episodes of this series, I raccomend to TOTALLY AVOID the first cassette, cause it contains the first episode (only 20 min !!!) and a live action episode with real japanese actors who, needless to say, sure never went to the Actors Studio.
Definitively the 40.000 lire (about 20 bucks) worst spent in my entire life !

Last updated Monday, November 13 2000. Created Monday, November 13 2000.

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