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Armitage III

Enter a world when a new stream of crime has been introduced, the destruction of specialized human appearing robots known as "Third Types", which are neither cyborg nor android. Meet Ross Sylibus, a cop who is trying to escape his past where his partner was killed by a cyborg. To do this, he transfers to Mars only to find himself face to face with Armitage, a tough female cop who is hell bent on stopping the robot murders. As they continue their investigation and the murders continue, Armitage reveals herself to also be a third type robot. Now that Armitage is an official suspect, Ross must come to grips with the fact that his police partner was not a human, only masquerading as one. Can he find Armitage before it is too late? What is the secret of the third types? Why is someone trying to wipe them out?

Big O Rent See Bigguou

Rent Japan does it's version of Batman: The Animated Series with Roger Smith playing the part of Bruce Wayne. Roger lives in a domed city known as Paradigm City. Apparently some 40 years ago, something happened which caused everyone to lose their memories. Sometimes people begin to remember and problems are caused because of this.
Birdy the Mighty Buy See Tetsuwan Birdy
Digimon 03 Buy See Digimon Tamers
Digimon Season 03 Buy See Digimon Tamers

Digimon Tamers
Buy Taking place in a world where the previous two seasons were simply TV shows, this show is about ten-year-old Takato Matsuda and him and his friends' digital adventures.
Ghost in the Shell Rent See Koukaku Kidoutai
Hyper-Doll: Mew & Mica The Easy Fighters Watch See Rakushou! Hyper Doll
Hyperdoll Watch See Rakushou! Hyper Doll

Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor Gekijouban
Buy The year is 1999 and Tokyo's Mobile Police have a new weapon in the war on crime--advanced robots called Labors are used to combat the criminals who would use the new technology for illegal means. The suicide of a mysterious man on the massive Babylon Project construction site sets off a cascade of events that may signal the destruction of Tokyo. What is the connection between the suicide, the new Mobile Police AV-XO Zero Labor, and a berserk prototype tank? When Patlabor cops Noah Izumi and Azuma Shinohara investigate an unexplained wave of rogue Labors' rampaging across the city, they uncover a sinister high-tech revenge plot.

Koukaku Kidoutai
Rent In the future, a department of cybernetically enhanced cops race to find the true identity of the mysterious 'Ghost hacker' ("Ghost" in this 'era of AI' being the name of what we might rather call "soul" today) known only as the "Puppet Master".
Patlabor 1 The Movie Buy See Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor Gekijouban
Patlabor 1: Mobile Police Buy See Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor Gekijouban

Rakushou! Hyper Doll
Watch The story of two undercover female superheroes who jump on heart to fight weird monsters and live their social life as college girls (bet it sounds like a deja vu ^_^)
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