Genji Monogatari Sennenki

Title:Genji Monogatari Sennenki
Asaki Yumemishi
Asakiyumemishi - The Tale of Genji
Genji Monogatari
The Tale of Genji
The Tale of Genji: A Millennium-Old Journal: Genji" (literal translation)
源氏物語千年紀 Genji
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A shining baby boy is born to the emperor and Kiritsubo. The boy loses his mother at a very young age, but the emperor still shows a strong liking for him, and he grows into a handsome young man. The first part of the story (volumes 1 to 10) follows the tales of the glorious youth Hikaru Genji's love. It is also about the women in his life who strive to make their love towards Genji significantly different from others. The second half of the story called the "Uji Jujo" episodes (volumes 11 to 13) takes place after Genji's death, focusing on the youth of two imperial princesses related to Genji.

To this day "The Tale of Genji," a story written as a picture scroll in Japan's Heian period (794-1185), is regarded as the most important work in ancient Japanese literature.

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Series aired in January '09.
11 TV Episodes.
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Rent 9 6 9 8 8 9 Ggultra2764 [series:1941#1552]
Let me warn folks who have interest in seeing this series that it won't be for everybody. It's slow pace, mellow developments and storytelling style are not of the usual approach to an anime title and may drive off those looking for a more fast-paced and intense title. But for those willing to go through Tale of Genji, they can look forward to a worthwhile re-telling of Murasaki Shikibu's focus on the many love affairs of Hikaru Genji in this classic Japanese tale. Granted I've never actually read the Tale of Genji. But one noticeable thing that pops out for me with this series is the characterization. The series is devoted at looking into the minds of Genji and the women whom he has his romantic involvements with as they have their thoughts of one another and what they desire. Genji is of notable mention as a number of his romances are more of an escape from giving into his thoughts of loving his adoptive mother, the lady Fujitsubo, whom he is strictly forbidden from having any form of interaction with. The subject of accepting either love or the conformity of feudal Japanese era traditions is prevalent throughout Genji's story which this series does a smooth job of portraying in each of Genji's romances. About the only ripple in the storytelling of Tale of Genji is the lack of a clear ending as I was left wondering over Genji's fate as he leaves the kingdom for his exile.

Character designs and scenery had a great amount of detail with pastel-like shading and colors. Animation was the lowest point of the visuals for me as character movements looked stiff and did not look too fluid. The show's insert music did well to blend into the mood of the series with its traditional sounding tunes. But the OP's highly energetic beats do a poor job at setting up the mood of the series.

Tale of Genji is a worthwhile watch for those interested in Japanese literature and history, or anyone looking for something a bit different from the heaping number of dating sim spinoffs and romantic comedies that Japan has been milking for much of its animated lineups lately. But be warned that its pacing and storytelling style won't be for everyone.

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