Wind: A Breath of Heart OVA

Title:Wind: A Breath of Heart OVA
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High-school boy Okano Makoto and his younger sister Hinata lost their father when they were young already. Now that their mother has vanished (after a mysterious phone call when she told them not to look for her), they return to their hometown Kazune City where they meet their childhood friends Tachibana Tsutomu, Shikouin Kasumi and Narukaze Minamo (who asked Makoto ten years ago to promise her they would marry when they meet again).
The siblings receive a warm welcome by their friends and get a large new home at a low price (arranged by Kasumi's parents) but during the first night in town Makoto observes a streetcar running through the town in the dead of night without a train operator and a mysterious girl as passenger who suddenly vanishes into thin air...

[OVA, 2004, 3 episodes, 29 min. See also the much longer alternate version Wind: A Breath of Heart TV and its sequel Wind: A Breath of Heart - Omake OVA.]
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Watch 9 7 5 9 8 7 Devil Doll [series:1870#752]
[Score: 72% = "Watch+"]

Where Wind: A Breath of Heart TV was a cute school romance with a sudden turn into horror during the second half of the series, this condensed OVA version gets the Series Story right to the point in the very first scene already - no ideal world illusion for half the TV series this time (and no surprise about the true role of each character either which had been one of the best elements of the series). With much higher narration speed, many things only being hinted at, and no space for developing any side characters, this anime feels like a three-part movie.

All Characters of the series are present but a few of them will get a lot less air time here (Tsutomu gets his occasional beating by Kasumi), and some details are changed (such as Hinata not remembering this town or Kasumi playing a more important role this time). Despite the shorter playing time, a number of details are explained here in much more detail (by Minamo's father) that they were in the series. The main difference between two versions probably is that this OVA really tries to be a horror movie, most notably in terms of behavior of the lead characters who actually feel haunted by what's going on in Kazune Town - at least in episode 2. During the final episode the characters' behavior is not exactly plausible.

Technical attributes: Several annoying slow motions (throwing a can of coffee, Hinata jumping) but awesome Animation of the gloomier elements of this story. Faces, Landscapes, moving objects are all fine so high rating for Art. Very average songs for OP and ED but Music is powerful and chilling during the gloomier scenes.

Not a masterpiece but an attempt to tell a chilling story within a limited amount of time. It won't be a waste of time to watch it albeit the longer TV version has a lot more time to let characters grow and play with the expectations of its audience.

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