The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury

Title:The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury
Dark Fury - The Chronicles of Riddick
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Set just after their escape from the planet (as told in Pitch Black (wiki)), Riddick, Jack and the Iman Abu find themselves in a desperate situation on a failing starship. The sudden arrival of a mercenary ship offers them a rescue, but also new dangers.

The operator of the Merc Ship is a collector of criminals, whom she freezes and preserves in her own private collection. And she considers Riddick to a true work of art – a ‘masterpiece’ worthy of inclusion in her hellish collection.

This 27min OVA (or made for DVD) episode is a transition story between the two Riddick movies. Directed by the Korean-American animator Peter Chung and animated almost completely in Korea.

2:45min Trailer – YouTube Video
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Rent Jan-Chan [series:1792#967]
Being an avid fan of the Riddick stories, I was surprised to find out about this hidden jem of a story.

In a manner similar to how The Animatrix fills out the Matrix trilogy, this intense and violent 27min OVA is a real treat.

This story introduces the character of Toombs, who plays prominently in the sequel story – Chronicles of Riddick (wiki) and serves to fill in background information on Jack.

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