Kodomo no Jikan (OVA)

Title:Kodomo no Jikan (OVA)
A Child's Time (OVA)
Child's Time (OVA)
こどものじかん (OVA)(Japanese)
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An Original Video Animation of the upcoming Fall 2007 TV series Kodomo no Jikan. Supposedly 30 minutes long (though the version from Genjo fansubs lasts only 22:40), it was released on September 12, 2007 both on the anime's official website and in a limited edition version of the fourth volume of the manga--and is now also available as a fansub.

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Watch chibi [series:1688#2380]
My first thought when I watched this OVA was "borderline pornography". Since then I've stumbled across the manga on which it is based and found it to be very likable. I'm still sticking with my initial impression, but the emphasis is now on the word "borderline" -- the manga entertains primarily by walking very close to the lolicon line, but is careful never to actually cross it. It's a very strange (very Japanese?) form of titillation, I guess. But the characters are cute and appealing and have interesting back-stories and motivations. Unfortunately, this OVA doesn't do any of that much justice, but it will be interesting to see if the TV series does.

Last updated Tuesday, October 09 2007. Created Tuesday, October 09 2007.
Rent Stretch [series:1688#628]
As soon as I heard the comment about a little girl's technique of eating an ice cream cone I knew this was going to be a fun show. I had heard that Kodomo no Jikan was an upcoming fall series, but was surprised and confused to find an OVA already available in September. It seems that the viewer is expected to already be familiar with the basic premise of the story, i.e. third-grader Rin's intense crush on her teacher. I had only read a paragraph-long synopsis on a website, but still had little trouble making sense of this OVA. Each of the three schoolgirls who are the principal characters here has a bizarre attraction to a certain person, but never to a schoolboy of their same age--something to offend everybody, I guess. Perhaps it wouldn't have been a problem if I had been familiar with the manga, but I found it difficult to sympathize with them--I don't dislike them, but don't see much reason to like them either. They are weird and I didn't get to know them all that well in half an hour or so. This show kind of reminded me of Moetan, what with the small-children-exposed-to-perversion comedy angle. There's a good deal of nudity, by the way. The character designs seemed familiar, but I couldn't quite place them; the girls' kitten-like upper lips are noteworthy. The OP and ED songs were fairly enjoyable, too--I'll include them on my Fall 2007 Anime Music CD. All-in-all, I found the Kodomo no Jikan OVA to be modestly funny (more perversion-jokes than joke-jokes), and not terribly offensive.

Last updated Monday, September 17 2007. Created Monday, September 17 2007.

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