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Title:Avatar: The Last Airbender - Season 3
Avatar - The Last Airbender: The Complete Book 3 Collection
Avatar: The Last Airbender - Book3:Fire
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The 3rd Book in the Avatar series. Following their failure to protect the Earth Kingdom capital of Ba Sing Se, Aang and his group wander through the Fire Nation disguised as civilians while waiting for the day of the solar eclipse to launch their attack on Fire Lord Ozai and his forces. Aang has until the arrival of Sozin's Comet to defeat Ozai. ...
[21 episodes, 30min; see also: Avatar: The Last Airbender - Season 1,Avatar: The Last Airbender - Season 2]

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Continuing off from the shocking finale to Season 2, Avatar continued to keep me hooked to its progressing storyline and exploring aspects to the characters. This time around in this season, there is focus on characters amongst both factions of Aang's group and characters of the Fire Nation.

The search for a Firebending teacher brings Aang and his group into Fire Nation territory as the group go in disguised as civilians, especially as the the world believe Aang to be dead at this point and the coming of the final battle with Fire Lord Ozai. Going into Fire Nation territory, we get to see some more aspects of the Nation's way of life such as educating children for their militaries and their theatrical performances (clearly influenced through Japanese kabuki theater). With the territory, we also get more focus on Zuko and Azula's group as we get to better understand aspects of these characters, especially in the case of Mai and Zuko's developing relationship. Zuko's inner conflict with his actions from the previous season affect him throughout the first half of this season as he eventually comes to terms with these problems.

Aspects of Aang's group are also expanded upon in this season. From Aang's growing affection for Katara to Sokka's desire to seeking swordsmanship, the continued developments of these aspects of the characters continued making Avatar stand out from most televised American animated shows.

Avatar continues to maintain its lush, colorful scenery and character designs. The action scenes are as fluid as ever with a greater variety of fighting that takes place with bending battles, sword clashes, and even battles involving the warships and tanks used by Fire Nation armies.

My only nitpick: some aspects of the plot are left unresolved. One big thing: with Aang the last Air Nomad, what would become of the Avatar when there isn't another Air Nomad for the Avatar's spirit to be reincarnated into?

Otherwise, this was another fun season of the series and like the DC superheroes cartoons of the 1990s, Avatar is an action-adventure title that does well with both its action and expanding on aspects of both hero and villian alike.

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Just finished Season 3...I just wanna say Awesome!!! As i own the first two season, i will own this one when it comes out as the complete version. As we finish the journey of Avatar Ang, I am sad to see it complete. My favorite charactor in the series, Azula, kinda lost it at the end and i was dissapointed at that. But there was plenty of action, and it was good to see Zuko fulfill his destiny. I felt that this season was the best out of the three season, as the book of fire gave us closure to almost all the stories. I also felt the Fire Nation had more characters to share with the viewers. I do wish they explained a few things, like why Azula was going so crazy, where is Zuko's mom, how did the Avatar attain the power to go in and out of the Avatar State. I thought he lost that ability in Season 2. Where is the Earth King and Bosko? Many answers left untold. But the good far outweighs the bad and except for too many kissing scenes between characters in the end, this story would work for all ages.

Just watched the first episode. very cool, i want to say more, but i don't wanna give away anything...if you happen to see season 1 and 2, this is a MUST cuz i am sure you have gotten hooked by now...I will post my likes and dislikes on an Avatar board...

"Azula always lies"

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Avatar Season 3 is the best season so far. The only problem is that Nick is delaying more episodes just as it started getting that much better. The day of Black sun was GREAT for a mid-season show...I only wish they would hurry up and finish this already as i am impatient...

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I hate how nick has handled this, i think if it was a japanese anime, they would have finished that by now. regardless i am still anxious to see the conclusion starting July... Favorite character Azula, something about Evil just works for me...

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Easy there, i got an ok from other reviewers on this site that it was ok to include Avatar here...

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