Sky Girls (OVA)

Title:Sky Girls (OVA)
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Notables: Animation - JC Staff
GOTO Saori
ITOU Shizuka
Music - MITSUMUNE Shinkichi
Music - TAKAKI Hiroshi
A.D. 2079: A mysterious mechanical cell cluster begins “Human Being Sweep Operation”. After two years’ war, the human beings are outnumbered by the cluster, and they finally decide to use the ultimate weapon. Sacrificing their continent, they manage to eliminate the enemy. However it causes most of the continents to split, Antarctica disappears and 50% of the world slips under the sea.

Although the enemy is supposed to have been destroyed, a new cell cluster is found near Midway three years later. To identify them, an aircraft carrier leaves a Japanese port secretly. This carrier carries three fighters designed by scientists of the Japanese Navy: Aviation Exoskelton Sky Divers named Reijin, Fujin, and Raijin. The pilots of these fighters are three young girls called Sky Girls, Sakurano Otoha, Sonomiya Karen, and Ichijo Eika (the team leader).

It’s time to fly into the air carrying the future and dreams of the human beings!

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[OVA, 2006, 1 episode, 29 min; See also the full-scale series Sky Girls (TV) of which this substory is equivalent to episode 9.]
2:03min OVA Opening - YouTube Video
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Rent Stretch [series:1443#628]
I had already watched a good deal of the TV series before I viewed this OVA. This seems like a hybrid of the first episode, as it provides an introduction to the main characters and the situation in this world of the future, and the episode in which the girls first see action. I was struck by how identical these OVA characters are compared to the later TV ones. The animation seems somewhat more fancy, such as details of how the launching system for the Sonic Divers operates, or the wild action near the climax. One thing that struck me as wrong about this short story was the way the Worm was already on top of the ship before the three girls were even ordered into their Divers. I guess the conventional forces had to get themselves into deep trouble in order to be rescued by the Sky Girls, but it could have been written more convincingly, since it seems a little stereotypical here. Having already watched much of the TV series, I didn't find the "Delta Lock" tactic all that impressive, but perhaps a first-time viewer would. Nevertheless this was a fun story which did a good job of introducing likeable characters and providing excitement (I wonder if some of the details of the battle which took place here might be used in the final episode of the TV series?). Clearly this OVA was designed to drum up interest to justify a more ambitious project, which sure enough is exactly what has happened. Mission accomplished!

Last updated Friday, November 30 2007. Created Friday, November 30 2007.
Watch 7 8 7 8 5 8 Devil Doll [series:1443#752]
[Score: 70%]
  • Drama: Low/Med (a named character gets hurt)
  • Comedy: Med (mostly cool teenagers teasing the adults)
  • Action: High (flying mechas and a carrier, explosions, gunplay, even a huge mecha sword)
  • SciFi: Med (mechas and tech talk)
  • Ecchi: Med (loli, pantsu shots, and more)
No classification below a "Med" value - this show has everything! Well, at least it tries to...

Every once in a while I'm watching something completely different, in this case because the German Fansub was translated by someone whom I work together with in another project.
In short this OVA is a lolicon parody of Shin Seiki Evangelion, only silly-funny where Evangelion was depressing. The Art is crisp, the Animation is smooth, the Music is surprisingly appropriate, the seiyuu staff are well-known veterans, and the girls are kawaii - so far, so good. Then again, the episode begins with a camera angle right between the legs of a girl in a swim suit. Pantsu shots, boob shots, a shower scene and a crew member fantasizing - you get as much loli Fan-service as you'd ever wish for.

What's good about this OVA is the Characters. The sloppy guy playing the Katsuragi Misato role of this show contrasts nicely with the all-too-grown-up talking little girls (which are looking like 12 years old but are supposed to be 16). Silly teenager conversation and serious strategic meetings take place at the same time; even the board crew has some kids amongst many adults. Evangelion die-hards will surely note the many references to the legendary series - the protective liquid with the electrical field, the limited activity time for the pilots, the cells ("Liliputian Hitchers"!) with the shape of an Angel, even the prog knife.

30 minutes is too short to see a lot of Story (most of the synopsis is told within the first minute). All in all this episode looks like the test case for a forthcoming longer series. And such a series might indeed be fun to watch, a lighter variant of shows like Aquarian Age or even Rahxephon.

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