Hoshizora Kiseki

Title:Hoshizora Kiseki
Wonderful star filled sky
星空キセキ (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - CoMix Wave
Kozue, a member of an astronomical club, is a girl who dreams of the starry sky and of a summer romance. During one summer break, she sets out on a journey with a shining fragment of a fallen meteor hanging from her wrist and with a distant feeling that someone calling her. On her trip, she catches a glance of a boy with sad eyes. Later that evening she meets him in an isolated astronomical observatory, and feels an attraction to him as they spend time talking about the stars. Ginga is a boy who has lived his life in a bubble as part of a governmental program to contact an orbital satellite and feels very alone in his structured and isolated life. Under the innumerable stars in the sky, a night of friendship and miracles begin...

27 minute long Web-released ONA
Animation by CoMix Wave

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From the same animation team who worked on
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Watch 8 7 8 8 6 Ggultra2764 [series:1400#1552]
Not much to say about this ONA. It's pretty much a simple story of a girl and boy coming together despite the different lives that they come from. Of course though, you also have to take in account the lack of depth and resolution to many of this title's sci-fi elements like how Ginga's abilities were discovered and what the government hopes to gain through contact with aliens. As Jan-chan discussed, overlooking these major flaws would allow you to better enjoy Star-Filled Sky. While my exposure to ONAs has been rather limited, I can give this one kudos for being the best-looking one I've seen to date with a good amount of detail put on visuals and more animation than I've seen out of past ONA titles.

But still, Wonderful Star-Filled Sky will be a love it or hate it title if you are expecting depth out of the sci-fi elements found in the ONA.

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Watch Jan-Chan [series:1400#967]
Kozue is a girl in love with the stars, full of life, dreams and hopes of a summer romance. With her treasured fragment of a fallen star hanging from her wrist, she begins to hear someone calling her – something summoning her to a place far away from her home.

Ginga is a boy with a strange affinity for the Flowlight satellite which holds a hope of contact with distant travelers of the stars. As part of a government program, he lives in a bubble of sterile filtered air and isolation intended to better permit him to harmonize with the Flowlight.

On one summer night, they are both drawn to an isolated planetarium, to a place where direct contact with the Flowlight is possible and to a fateful meeting with each other.

This is a bit of a saccharine fantasy romance story of boy and girl in unusual circumstances, who are drawn together by their fates.

I had never heard of an animation company directly releasing a new title via the web, but after I did some research, I was surprised to learn that CoMix Wave also worked a number of other uncommon series – such as Voices of a Distant Star, The Promised Place and the upcoming Byousoku 5 Centimeter - All of which are unusual and beautiful animation stories.

And Hoshizora Kiseki lives up to this reputation. The artistry is great, the music is strangely entrancing, and the story is bewilderingly simple, and it works to be both entertaining and distinctive. If you don't mind the loose ends and unanswered questions, then you too might find some enjoyment in this short single episode OVA.

I have posted some snaps of the series.

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