Otogi-Jushi Akazukin (TV)

Title:Otogi-Jushi Akazukin (TV)
Akazukin (tv)
Fairy Musketeer Akazukin
Fairy Musketeers (TV)
Otogi Jushi Akazukin (TV)
おとぎ銃士 赤ずきん (Japanese)
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Long, long time ago there where both science and magic in the human world. But God became afraid of the Human`s unlimited potential, so he divided the world into two and sealed them apart. One world with magic and the other one with science. Suzukaze Sota is a normal boy except that he has the Key in his body to break the Seal. The evil witch Cendrillon wants that power and tries to take it. Akazukin and Val, a silver wolf, came from the magic-world to prevent her from that. A grand story of a boy who will lead a checkered life and girls in fairly lands has just begun.

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[TV series, 2006-2007, 39 episodes, 25 min; Animation by Konami and Madhouse. Also see the earlier 2005 release Otogi Jushi Akazukin (OVA).]
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Watch Jan-Chan [series:1372#967]
An innocent middleschool student and his over-protective childhood friend find themselves caught up in a magical adventure that takes them to a strange land filled with monsters, sorcery and grand adventure.

With no real deaths or injuries, only slightly scary bug monsters and with only a faint smattering of fanservice and romance, this tale is perfect for those young beginner anime fans who are starting to get into the whole fansub scene. While not being too sophisticated or complicated, it is rich with humor and adventure that is certain to bring at least a few smiles to any adventure anime buff.

I have posted some snaps in the episode summary.

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