Sunflower! Himawari!
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Notables: AKESAKA Satomi
DOI Mika
KONDO Takashi
Marikouji Hayato-sensi was deceived by a friend and now has a $20,000 debt. But he found a special teaching position at a very private school that will offer him an advance - but only if he commits to a one-year assignment. Hinata Himawari has always wanted to be ninja and has been accepted to Kasumi Kogen, the secret Village of Mist Ninja School. And when Himawari gets in trouble flying by kite to her new school, and is rescued by Hayato-sensi, she decides to pledge herself to be his loyal ninja. Now if only he were to understand and accept her pledge... but what of the other female ninja-students who are committed to not accept any new teachers or transfer-student ninja-wanna-be's?

At Kasumi Kogen, it is strictly forbidden for a female ninja to fall in love, and a relationship between a teacher and a student is even more so. But the other female ninja students, Azami, Shikimi, Himeji and Yusu, decide to wait and see how the relationship between Hayato-sensi and Himawari develops.

Animation by Starchild, GENCO, KingRecords & others.
13 TV Episodes.

Also see sequel/continuation - Himawari!!
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Watch Stretch [series:1357#628]
(Four episodes watched):

Wild animation, modest humor, and a strange lack of character development were things that struck me while watching the first episode of Himawari!. I understood Hayato-sensei's motivation for coming to this strange town, but everyone else seemed to remain a cardboard character at this point. Also, there's something odd about Himawari's voice--it could be poor voice acting, but it could also be just different. Time will tell. Having watched some additional episodes, my current impression of Himawari is of a quite modest show, which, having to compete with a flood of neat series during the fall 2006 season, is just barely worth the time that must be devoted to view it. This might be more disappointing if, as I said, I didn't have so many other shows waiting to be watched. I'm confident that Himawari! will only turn out to be worth a Watch. If Ninja comedy is your thing, try Ninin ga Shinobuden and/or Kage Kara Mamoru!.

Last updated Wednesday, November 08 2006. Created Monday, October 30 2006.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1357#967]
Episode 5 is now available from Mendo. This is a very light hearted and comedic high school romance story. Fun fluff, very enjoyable, but nothing worth mentioning.

* 1 - I`ll Protect My Master - Himawari arrives at the Ninja School and meets Hayato-sensi

* 2 - By All Means, You Cannot Fall In Love – Shikimi-san meets a cute young man from the boys ninja school and has feelings for him.

* 3 - I Won´t Fess Up Even If It Costs Me My Life – It is time for the annual mechanical man-robot battle between the Girls and Boys schools, but why is Hayato-sensi in charge of the girls team?

* 4 - Stealing Is A Shinobi´s Disgrace - Hayato-sensi breaks one to the principle’s robotic toys and struggles to find a way to repair the device.

* 5 – Episode 5 – A new transfer student set her sights on Hayato-sensi and Himawari finds herself in a battle over Valentines Day chocolates.

Last updated Saturday, October 28 2006. Created Monday, May 29 2006.

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