Aquarian Age Saga II ~Don't forget me...~

Title:Aquarian Age Saga II ~Don't forget me...~
Aquarian Age the Movie
アクエリアンエイジ Saga II ~Don`t forget me...~
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Earth still recovers from the damage by the attack of the evil Erasers (aliens) who have only been defeated by the combined forces of the four hidden magical tribes amongst mankind who've been battling for control over earth - Arayashiki (eastern mages), Wiz-dom (western mages), Dark Lore (demi-human monsters), and E.G.O. (evolutionary gender organization = super-humans). In the aftermath, Earth is placed under the unified rule of the Polestar Empire (invaders from a different universe), beginning to use forbidden magic. These dark powers cause dimensional rifts around the world and once again plunge Earth into chaos and warfare. So four selected fighters, one of each tribe each, have to protect humankind once more.
[OVA, 2003, 1 episode, 58 min, based on a trading-card game; see also: Aquarian Age]
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Avoid 7 8 3 7 1 2 Devil Doll [series:1252#752]
[Score: 42%]
This isn't an anime, it's a more like the log file of an RPG session. The complete story in one line: A little boy forms the mightiest empire of the universe with the sole purpose of "fighting the strongest ones", then creates these strongest fighters by traveling through space and time and searching for victims of grief, only to lure them into his place, fight them (actually not even fight by himself but let his monsters do the job for him!) and thank them for defeating him in the end.... Prepare to find well-known names being used, such as Hannibal or Lancelot (both are Polestar generals) while Alucard (reverse: Dracula) is one of the good guys protecting humankind (being the Dark Lore leader)... sheesh.
While Aquarian Age actually has a decent story, don't waste your time with this OVA unless you want to observe the battles (as an animated version of the trading card game) and listen to the music.

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