Zettai Shonen

Title:Zettai Shonen
Absolute Boy
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The divorce of Aizawa Ayumu’s parents has been very hard on him. After four years of not seeing his father, his mother bribes him with a bicycle, into spending a summer with his father in a very rural country village some many hours away from Tokyo. After spending a few days in the quiet and boring village, he begins to notice that everything is a bit odd. Flowers are blooming out of season, there are stories of strange cats and water kappas, Ayumu encounters dashing lights that cross his path suddenly and people acting in very strange ways, but there is nothing that Ayumu can put a finger on. And then one day while on an outing, Ayumu encounters a strange young boy named Wakkun, a boy lives alone protected only by the fireflies, which somehow appear to be small spaceships. And with a blink of an eye, both the boy and fireflies are gone, but Ayumu’s summer of mystery has only just begun.

26 episodes (each about 24 minutes)
Produced by GENCO
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Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1089#967]
Triad has released three (fansub) episodes in the past three days. This is very much of a slow moving drama series, but I do find myself to be enjoying an anime series that places art and form, above the thrill and flash of instant popularity. I like this series and am looking forward to seeing more .....

Update - episode 11 has just been released!! Talk about a S-L-O-W anime series for the first nine episodes, but at about episode 9 or 10, after the foundation of the story has been laid, the story begin to move faster, and things begin to happen in a very strange and mysterious way...

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