Slayers Excellent - 2: Fearful Future

Title:Slayers Excellent
Episode:2: Fearful Future
Lina is hired by the rich merchant Fitzmeyer to escort his spoiled daughter Sirene to a summer villa. The money offered to be Sirene's bodyguard is more than Lina can say no to, but soon it becomes apparent that this deal is going to cost her a fortune.</p>

It has taken the duo much longer to walk than Lina had planned, thanks to Sirene's constant stopping and buying things out of Lina's retainer fees. While at a hot spring, an annoyed Lina gets to let off some stress on a Peeping Tom. But when Sirene spends almost all of the money and jokingly suggests being kidnapped so they can get more from her father, Lina takes the rest of the money and hires bandits to do just that.

After the bandits do their thing, a relieved Lina is enjoying a meal when Naga comes along. It seems she's defeated some bandits and taken some gold from them. Since they were Lina's bandits, that means that Sirene was kidnapped for real.

The kidnapper turns out to be a perverted magic user who was the one who peeped on them earlier. However, rather than harm Sirene-sama, he gets pleasure from being treated like a dog by her. Lina and the sorcerer begin to fight while Naga and Sirene get into a verbal match. Naga slaps Sirene who discovers she enjoys it. The sorcerer and Sirene beg to become Naga's followers, giving Lina a flash of a world filled with people who dress and act like Naga.


(AstroNerdBoy -- 14 Jan 2004)

This episode was just OK. As expected, things are very predictable. I did smile a few times, but no laughs. A world full of Naga's is a fearful thing, but wasn't this done in Slayers Special? Yes, it was.

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