Slayers Excellent - 1: Labyrinth

Title:Slayers Excellent
Episode:1: Labyrinth
Lina is eating a large meal when an explosion happens. Since the meal is very expensive, she's loathe to leave it, but another explosion and a collapsing roof convince her to leave. Outside, she and the crowd spot Naga on the roof laughing. Lina immediately recalls how she met Naga.</p>

In the past, Lina was at another Inn when it exploded. On the roof was Naga, who'd come to challenge Lina and defeat her, thus making an even greater name for herself. Lina casts a spell causing Naga to fall into the fire and get burned. Soon after, a bandaged Naga challenges her self-proclaimed rival to a fight in the woods which she loses. Thus began the weird relationship between Naga and Lina.

Back to the present, the town's mayor says that in lue of payment for the Inn's destruction, Naga can go to a nearby ruin to rescue some villagers who'd become trapped there. Lina gets roped in when the Inn's owner demands payment for her large lunch bill. Heading to the ruins of a large structure, Lina and Naga soon come upon zombies, apparently from the village. Eluding them, the come to the inner sanctum and discover this is the lair of a vampire lord named Steindorf.

As Lina figures out that they've been played, she and Steindorf face off. Steindorf soon is forced to reveal is true form, that of a tiny vampire bat.


(AstroNerdBoy -- 14 January 2004)

This is the best episode of the lot. While it is very predictable down to the ending (especially if you've seen Slayers Gorgeous), I had several laughs throughout this silly affair. And I especially enjoyed seeing how Naga and Lina first met.

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