Amagami SS - Riho: Sakurai Rihoko arc (episodes 17-20)

Title:Amagami SS
Episode:Riho: Sakurai Rihoko arc (episodes 17-20)
She is Junichi's childhood friend who, despite having a big appetite, avidly reads the dieting books in their school library. She is a member of the Tea Club whose senpais often tease her as she's easy to get her leg pulled.

She's not too bright, clumsy, and probably the least attractive amongst the girls of this series. So she needs someone to like her despite all this, and Jun'ichi being her childhood friend and liking chubby bikini girls is a good start. Still, it's hard to see how far she will get, and consequently this is the arc with the least progress within this story.
Devil Doll:
Sakurai Rihoko arc ep. 17-20 (Watch):
  • girl's character: childhood friend, ditzy, clumsy, gullible, chubby
  • girl's character development: none
  • avatar's character: nice, bland
  • avatar's character development: none
  • story focus: Comedy/Romance/Slice of Life
  • additional BluRay footage: 34 sec [side story] (extended Valentine Chocolate scene)
The only one in love with our protagonist since even before the event two years ago, and the first one to tell the story from the girl's perspective which is an interesting alternative.
Low on fan-service with more slice-of-life than romance, this is the slapstick variant of the Kaoru arc; Rihoko is kind of cute in her own way but being so brainless it's hard to imagine how even a big boobs fetishist would credibly fall for this silly, clumsy, gullible glutton girl, even though her best friend and both senpai are trying to be the matchmakers for her. Both the ongoing diet issue and the tea club activities became boring with time, so the best about this story may be the ending: "Persistence yields results", as the writing in the tea club says - if only so much of these.

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