Kanon (2006) - 15: Kakurenbo no Shou Soumeikyoku (small sonata of hide-and-seek) ~ Sonatina ~

Title:Kanon (2006)
Episode:15: Kakurenbo no Shou Soumeikyoku (small sonata of hide-and-seek) ~ Sonatina ~
sonatina - diminutive of "sonata" (from Latin and Italian sonare, "to sound"), in music, literally means a piece played as opposed to cantata (Latin and Italian cantare, "to sing"), a piece sung.
Given what we know from the Kanon game, this is supposed to be the resolution of Mai's story arc.
[Devil Doll, 2007-01-13:]
This episode was a great experience for me, like every episode since no.12 has been. So now we know Mai's story, which makes this series a success for me. A great action episode, and mostly compatible to the K2 version. Why am I still not fully happy about it?
Well, that because of this episode's ending. As expected, this episode had to pay back the credit it borrowed from last episode; I consider the ending weaker and less plausible than it was in episode 8 of Kanon. And in K6 the danger was kind of fake, with Mai being able to rewrite history any time; her sword was a lot more lethal in K2!
Plus there are the plausibility issues. Sayuri was bathing in blood after the demon attacked her; now Mai committed seppuku without a single drop of blood? Come on, really. And what's about the number of demons? We were told it were five of them, and we've seen Mai kill each of them; where did the extra one come from?

EDIT (2007-01-16): I understand a lot more about this episode after a lenghty discussion in another forum where the veterans who played the Kanon game supplied all the missing background information about this episode, such as: Mai did in fact bring back her mother from the dead; her relatives forced her to make the appearance in that TV show; Mai was able to command (not predict!) Yuuichi to meet her, that's why he "got lost" ten years ago; Mai's demons symbolize her powers, thus by killing them one by one she effectively kills herself, visualized by the blue stains on arms and legs; "Hope" only heals Mai after Yuuichi confirmed he won't be afraid of Mai - which appears redundant because he effectively repeats his childhood promise that he never broke, he did return to their playground but Mai wasn't there; actually there's a plot hole: Why didn't Mai and Yuuichi try to call each other via telephone? We know they had each other's number. This episode appears rushed to me: Too much information, too little explanation (and that after they wasted so much time during the Makoto arc). I learned a lot about Mai but the episode itself could have been so much better.
One more thing: Mai being able to raise the dead, and being Yuuichi's friend, makes it impossible now to have any drama/tragedy elements in this series without causing serious plausibility issues. And while Mai may have lost most of her powers she didn't lose Hope, the one who healed Mai... so we have to get rid of Mai as soon as possible or else this series won't work any more.

AstroNerdBoy (15 Jan 2007)

Well, the Mai story is concluded and it is a good one, teary, but not so severe. I read DD's remarks and I thought about the episode again. The extra demon was Mai from the past, which might account for present-Mai not accounting for it. The lack of blood I thought was from there not actually being a wound as past-Mai healed her right away. It is a bit of a stretch since there should have been blood, but if child-Mai immediately worked on the healing (and she was there so it is possible), then maybe there was no blood. Having Yuuichi do more than say, "there's no wound" and say something about the lack of blood would put that to rest, but the writers didn't do that.

I don't think Mai can rewrite history at anytime. I think that this one piece of her (the final demon) did travel through time, but I don't see Mai changing history at all. But that's just how I see it.

Now, next week moves on to the next girls. So, I hope we at least see some aftermath with Mai and Sayuri. And I have to say, I want to see Amano as well (at least in cameo) since she and Yuuichi are friends. And she'd fit in nicely with Mai and Sayuri too.

I dunno... Somehow I wasn't expecting the "Mai arc" to come to an end so suddenly. I was really enjoying it, but with this episode I can't help feeling that too much weirdness happens too fast, and I'm left confused and flustered. Why did she try to kill herself? And why was such a shocking turn virtually forgotten two minutes later? Have we heard the last of her? I was expecting something more to cap off Mai's subplot; so much crazy stuff happened, and it was as if the viewer was supposed to just accept it without much of an explanation. Still, Kanon remains one of the shows I most look forward to watching nowadays. It looks like Akiko will get the spotlight next.

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