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Episode:8: The Cage For The Girl
Shocked by the previous night's events Mai now decides to end all this [image1]. With Sayuri staying in hospital [image2], Yuuichi stays by her side day and night [image3], and when he gets involved a young girl from the past enters his memory. Monsters [image4] aren't easy to battle unless you know about their nature - and it is really late when Yuuichi finally remembers where he knows this girl from [image5]. But this episode isn't over until the true hero enters the stage... [image6]
(Devil Doll, 2004-01-20 - contains spoilers, though I try to not be too explicit):
This time I did notice the music, and it adds a lot to the fantasy mood of this story. The young girl's theme is just so wonderful.
We really had enough questions for a while - now it's time to get some answers. And the first scene makes it unmistakably clear which of the girls we will get an answer for today. Only when Yuuichi carries another heavy load his memory finally returns.
It is a relief that we return to reality in the end. But when Yuuichi promises to dance with Shiori in a tuxedo next year, and even jokes about the necessary requirements, he had better known what he talks about. So it's another episode ending with a cliffhanger question that we already wondered about for quite some time.
No Makoto and only one short scene of Ayu this time. But what would a day be if it didn't start with two Minase ladies worrying about the boy who didn't have much sleep last night? They never ask questions, they just accept everything he is doing, and wish him luck. I really wonder how much these two remember from seven years ago.

Yuuichi's line of the day: "Let's hope they make it in time for next year."
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