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Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor
Rent Guyver tells the story of a highschool boy named Sho Fukamachi who becomes involved in a worldwide struggle to save mankind when he discovers a mysterious device of alien design called the G-Unit. Accidentally triggering its activation, Sho is transformed into a killing machine known as the Guyver, an armor equipped with deadly weapons and capable of manipulating gravity as well as telepathic energies. Unfortunately, Sho also discovers that a secret organization called Chronos is plotting to transform human beings throughout the world into powerful beasts to be used in universal warfare. As time passes, he becomes more and more involved when his family and friends are harmed by Chronos. In order to protect them, Sho fights back in hopes of ending the nightmare he can't escape.

Star Ocean EX
Watch Young Claude is a son of a space fleet admiral. Catapulted in space and time (He thinks!) to another world where magic works and monsters abound, he must protect young Rena who believes Claude is the legendary warrior. Together with Ashton of the daggers and Celine the sorceress, Claude must journey across the land to destroy the source of the monsters, the Sorcery Globe.

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