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What is SD?

SD is the acronym for Super Deformed. So what is “Super Deformed”? Simply put, this is when anime characters are drawn in a ↗chibi (short, mini) size. They take on an almost toddler-like appearance while retaining their adult characteristics. . SD characters are done for their humor or ↗kawaii (cute, adorable) factors. Often, SD characters are seen as part of anime logos, on the eye-catch before/after a commercial break, or in promotional material. Oh My Goddess even did an SD spinoff series called Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses.

Note: Sometimes "super deformed" is also called "↗chibi form".

Visual Examples

Here is the cast of Yu Yu Hakusho in normal form:

Here is the cast of Yu Yu Hakusho in SD form:

As you can see, even in a super deformed state, the six main characters are easily recognizable.

Created by AstroNerdBoy.

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