Spirit of Wonder: Shounen Kagaku Club

Title:Spirit of Wonder: Shounen Kagaku Club
Spirit Of Wonder-Scientific Boys Club
Spirit of Wonder: The Movie
Spirit of Wonder: 少年科學倶楽部
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Notables: Original Concept - TSURUTA Kenji
Brand new adventures awaits those who seek a new 'Spirit of Wonder'. As young boys, Cooper, Gordon, and Shepherd were enchanted by the theories of life on Mars published by Percival Lowell. Forming a group club called the "Scientific Boys Club" the trio will embark upon their long-time dream of traveling to Mars! And while the town of Bristol may be small, it's always exciting! What'll happen when the town's very own Miss China is shrunken to the size of a pea? Take a new voyage with three very special short stories "Shrinking of Miss China", "Planet of Miss China" and "Sake Cup of Miss China".

Two OVA episodes (~35min).

Continuing from Spirit of Wonder, this 2-episode OVA series continues the adventures of the various scientists who live on Prince Of Wales island.
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Rent 9 8 9 7 7 7 Ggultra2764 [series:684#1552]
I was thinking that I was getting the 1992 prequel of Spirit of Wonder before I seen that Netflix had sent me this sequel to the original OAV instead. Regardless, it still made for a solid watch juggling comedy and inspirational developments focused on a group of elderly men and their young cohort Jack to put together a rocket that would allow them to travel to Mars. It is fun to see things unfold with the group where Jack's wife Windy eventually gets dragged into helping the Scientific Boys out despite earlier reluctance as she wants to spend time alone with her husband. Besides the main story, there are two other extra segments to this series that involved comedic elements focused around waitress China who gets caught up in the wacky inventions of the Scientific Boys in some way. The visuals to Spirit of Wonder are pleasant on the eyes featuring clean details, vivid colors and fluid movements from many things seen onscreen from China thrashing the elder club members to the rocket ship for the club finally launching to Mars. Many of the scientific gadgets created from the club do require some suspension of disbelief to get into as they are definitely beyond the means of 1950s technology to accomplish. It also would have been nice if I could learn more about the older members of the Scientific Boys club as I only got to learn a bit about China, Windy and Jack. Otherwise, this is a fun little title to get into which is both inspirational and hilarious with the activity and antics of the Scientific Boys club.

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Buy 10 8 9 8 9 8 Jer Alford [series:684#614]
Picking up where the Spirit Of Wonder one-shot OVA left out(originally released through Animeigo), this 2-episode OVA is really a 4-part story. The first part is in episode #1 called the "Shrinking Of Miss China" where the lovely China has been hit by a beam by Dr. Breckenridge and begins to gradually shrink down. The next part of episode #1 is the first chapter of the Scientific Boys Club. This happens on Prince Of Wales Island where China's Tenka restaraunt is at, and China and the others make cameos in this segment, but really have little to do with it. In this story(which carries over to being the first part of episode #2 also)a group of scientists who formed their own science club 50 years ago are celebrating their club's anniversary by making a trip to Mars in their own spacebound blimp! Sound impossible? Luckliy, their young apprentice Jack, along with the brilliant mathmatician Wendy help them out. They actually manage to get to Mars about 20 years before the first real probe shows up on it. They're a little dismayed to see that there are no Martians living there though. The last segment in the OVA series is the second part of episode #2 where we go back to see China at the unveiling of Dr. Breckenridge's latest application of his Space Reflection Telescope(see the original Spirit Of Wonder one-shot)as he points it on Mars. This series was a real treat for fans of the first Spirit Of Wonder anime, although this one isn't animated by Gainax. The only downside to really enjoying this series is that you would have to get the original one-shot, and Animeigo no longer has the rights to it in the US. Hopefully, Bandai might pick up that too.

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