Blue Seed Beyond

Title:Blue Seed Beyond
Blue Seed 2
Blue Seed OVA
Notables: HAYASHIBARA Megumi
INOUE Kazuhiko
IWAO Junko
Original Concept - TAKADA Yuuzou
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
UEDA Yuuji
A rogue scientist in San Francisco has found a way to create creatures known as Neo-Aragami without the power of using Susano-o. But when these Neo Aragami start to attack California, The U.S. turns to the old members of the Terestrial Administration Center (TAC) for help.Everyone from the old series is back. Matsudaira, Kome, Yaegashi, and Takeuchi. A new girl appears on the scene her name is Valencia, an American who is just like Kusanagi in the sense that she has a Mitama--and she may just have an eye for Momiji's boyfriend...

3 episode OVA (each 28 minutes)
Produced by Production I.G
Released in 1996 - 1998
See also: Blue Seed
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Watch 8 7 8 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:676#1552]
If you enjoyed the TV series for Blue Seed, you're quite likely not gonna get as much enjoyment out of this effort from Production I.G. to make a quick buck off fans of the series. Pretty much, Blue Seed Beyond attempts to toss in some elements of sci-fi and crime action for its episodes with the former consisting of two episodes for this OAV series (with the threat being much less serious than what TAC put up with in the TV series and quite cliched with who is revealed to be the big baddie) and the latter being an excuse to feature fan service shots of the female cast being in the hot springs or in differing states of undress. The animation is noticeably better than the TV series with more polished details and vivid color for backgrounds and character designs. Otherwise, not much else to say. This might be worth a quick watch if you want to see your favorite Blue Seed characters again. Just don't go expecting the engaging supernatural mythos and action that came from the TV series with this OAV series.

Last updated Friday, July 20 2012. Created Friday, July 20 2012.
Rent Stretch [series:676#628]
The impression I get is that two episodes (the third had nothing to do with the main plot arc) wasn't enough time to create a convincing new threat to the world, reassemble the sizeable cast (and give a little development to each member), resolve the romantic triangle, and still defeat the Neo-Aragami in an exciting and plausible way. Taking down the monsters didn't seem all that difficult to me, and why did they turn up in Tokyo when they were being created in San Francisco? Homesickness? What was that trick Momiji used to escape from one of them--did she have some sort of flares in her jacket? What triggered the colossal explosion near the end of episode 2? It was a little surprising how pro-Japan and anti-US the dub was--this R1 did come out in 2003, right? The new uniforms were neat, by the way, but were discarded for episode three, in which the female cast celebrates victory by visiting a hotspring, only to find that a sophisticated bomb (I was about to say "booby trap") has been planted there! Among the "extras" is a short Omake episode, which seems to have been intended for the original series but somehow wound up here. A nice story, more sweet than funny--I'm tempted to say it was the best part of the DVD as a whole. Despite this OVA's shortcomings, I think the great cast of likeable characters was the best thing about Blue Seed, and I'm happy to become reacquainted with them.

Last updated Sunday, December 25 2005. Created Sunday, December 25 2005.
Buy 10 10 10 8 8 MarX [series:676#1033]
This is an ova after the conclusion of the first series. The character's are back for a second go around to fight against the Aragami. The character's have grown up...Especially Momiji heh...
The animation is much smoother from the original series. That's due to the bigger budget.
The ova consiste's of three episodes. The first two have to do with the neo-aragami popin' up in Cali. and the third has nothing to do with the first two. It's a hot spring episode which I definetly enjoyed. mmmmm Momiji.... Ahem..
Anyway, if you saw the original Blue Seed then you'll probably enjoy this. It's a very good wrap up for the entire series. If you haven't seen Blue Seed then go out and buy your self a copy today!! Though I would stay away from Beyond if you haven't seen Blue Seed.

Last updated Monday, October 20 2003. Created Monday, October 20 2003.

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