Enban Koujo Valkyrie

Title:Enban Koujo Valkyrie
UFO Princess Valkyrie
UFO Princess Warukyure
UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie
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Notables: CHIBA Saeko
R1 License - FUNimation
Kazuto and his sister, Rika, are trying their best to run their grandfather's bath house and to graduate from high school. When an interstellar starship, piloted by the princess Valkyrie, crashes right on top of the bath house, Kazuto finds himself surprised at how she tries to repay him for the damage. With a kiss, the magical and beautiful princess Valkyrie gives half of her soul to Kazuto, and is transformed (emotionally and physically) into a precocious, troublesome and very cute eight year old girl. Now Kazuto has a new house guest, who if she can transform back might turn out to be a girlfriend. And the fun starts when the royal family members from the planet of Valhalla begin to visit to rescue her and bring her back home.
12 episodes (subtitled)

On July 4th ’08, it was announced that R1 License for this title has been transferred from ADV to FUNimation.

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Watch 6 7 6 5 6 0 KBanger1 [series:672#1694]
The story starts out with a high schooler named Kazuto. Despite his parents wishes, he decides to continue running a bath house to honor his grandfather's memory. Low and behold, he is living with his younger sister and two other special guests. One is a royal maid sent to find the other guest (Valkyrie, a princess from a distant planet) who ended up giving half of "a girl's most precious thing". Now, that seems to be a work of some pervert who can't make up a decent story, but as we're told that thing was half of her soul due to her accidentally crash landing on top of Kazuto with her spaceship.

Ok, enough of the intro and let's get to it. The story itself is interesting. You have a princess falling out of the sky, killing an innocent boy, and then she relinquishes half of her soul to revive him only to see a teenage princess transforming into a little child with the mind of one. That brought my attention span up to wanting to watch the entire series (which I did, dubbed of course). This first season wasn't really that good. I found that some of the english dubbing could have used some work. A lot of the female characters (with the exception of Valkyrie) were very annoying and really made it a little hard to watch. Probably another thing that I didn't like was in one of the episodes where another princess comes in and starts to do some transformations. Those cut scenes were fine as long as they don't repeat every 100 times or so. In this case, it did and so I got bored right away.

As far as the actual series goes, it was a pretty short season. 12 episodes really didn't make a good impression on me. Although, I did mention that even if a series was tragically short, it's the story that had to be good to impress me. The story or I should say the underlying theme which is (in a nutshell) a princess comes into a teenager's life and sets havoc within it was ok. For something like that to be ok, the series was way too short. If you take a count of the actual episodes that relate to the theme, it would add up to one dvd (4 episodes) that really have meaning. Every thing else is just filler. The fan service is there. No major surprise except the fact that in this series aliens have come to live on there world like it was like any normal day in reality.

So, aliens who love to show their stuff in the bath house, psycho royal maids, and even more crazy outer space princesses add up to a C+ effort series. I'll still continue to watch the other seasons if ADV brings them out but don't drop any money to this title. Let someone else do that.

Last updated Saturday, July 24 2010. Created Monday, October 02 2006.
Unevaluated Forbin [series:672#1573]
Hmm...... Naked Cat girls look for big breasted blonde princess who turns into a little girl after hitting on local loser who runs a bath house? Add in a Miko priestess who turned another big breasted princess into a little loli and you have UFO Maiden Valkyrie.

Now that's a bunch of different genre's coming together!

It's fun to watch, not all that great though. At least it's better than Eiken!

Last updated Monday, July 24 2006. Created Monday, July 24 2006.
Watch 7 7 9 7 7 6 manganime [series:672#1633]
I actually don't see what's the big deal with fan-service in here- I mean there's hardly any of it at all and in my view it doesn't even really touch upon the ecchi genre if you compare it with stuff like aika or green green. I watched this without ever taking any caution as I didn't find anything too obscene.

I thought this series was all in all okay but boring at times; season 2 is maybe better. I think people's views upon child valkyrie will be divided into her being very cute or very annoying personally i thought she was preety cute.

This series had some good character designs and transformation, the music was okay but the op and ending music sucked.

Maybe worth a watch if you haven't got anything better to watch; but if any ecchi fans want to watch this just for fan-service I suggest looking else where.

Last updated Saturday, December 17 2005. Created Saturday, December 17 2005.
Unevaluated 7 8 8 8 8 Jan-Chan [series:672#967]
I am going to have to leave this one un-rated in the 'overall' field. It is difficult put this one in any single honest category other then "fan boy heaven". While the story is interesting and fun enough, it just goes two steps over the elusive edge of a romantic comedy into what can only be called SERIOUS ecchi (or perversion).

Starting with an opening bathhouse scene of naked women, and on with the image of the eight-year-old princess kissing Katuzo and magically transforming (with bounce of her exposed b??bs and flash of full frontal nudity) into the older Valkyrie, this series never passes up any opportunity to show a lifted skirt or miss a feminine bounce, but it just goes a wee-bit further than is needed or appropriate for the storyline. If having an eight-year-old clinging to a teenager were not enough, how about a scene where Katuzo is affectionately assaulted by an (emotionally) eight-year-old princess in the body of the eighteen-year-old magic girl. (Any cause for offence yet?) And then there is the whole episode where innocent Tokyo women are shot with a ray gun and transformed into CATEARS, cute submissive domestic servants with cat-ears and a feline tail, (what might the freudian interpretations of this imagery be?)... but they are soooo cute!!

Otherwise (if one can ignore these distractions), the story is actually very interesting, and holds together quite well. The main character is actually a very nice guy, who is attracted to the elder princess and is at an absolute loss of having an eight-year-old throw herself at him. Katuzo has a childhood friend, a shrine-maiden at a local temple, who has a secret crush on him, but is too shy to proclaim her love for him, which creates some interesting situations. But it is the preciousness of the little princess and the chaos that accompanies her fellow female Valhallans that are the cause of unending trouble. With Valhallan starships dropping out of the sky with a frightening regularity, or their weapon systems miss-activating and taking out half of Tokyo, there is always a impossible situation which requires the little princess having to steal a kiss from Katuzo to transform in the older magic girl to come to the rescue of everyone. But as with most every romance story, for the love between Katuzo and Valkyrie to be proven true, certain challenges to be overcome first before the couple can be together.

You will have to make up you own mind on this one, (but pls don't say that I did not try to warn you....) Well, one of my 14 year old friends really likes this series, so they may have hit their target audience... sigh. (Sept 03)

This is now an OVA episode on this series (not reviewed) and I have found out that a 2nd season is currently in the works .. same basic story line, but the princess gets her hands on the key-of-time and proceeds to cause more havoc. (Nov 03)

Last updated Sunday, October 05 2008. Created Sunday, October 12 2003.

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