Metallic Rouge

Title:Metallic Rouge
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Notables: Animation - BONES
In a world where humans and androids coexist, Rouge is an android girl, who is on a mission on Mars with her partner Naomi. The mission is to murder nine artificial humans who are hostile to the government.
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TV anime that premiered on January 11, 2024.
Animated by Bones.
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4772#628]
(One episode watched):

I had heard a number of good things about this show, and had high expectations for it, but in fact episode one never piqued my interest. Perhaps the problem is that at the end I still had very little idea of what was going on. About the only parts of the synopsis above that is revealed during episode one is that the story takes place on Mars (which has been transformed to be so much like Earth that you wonder what the point of setting the story there was) and humans and some other sort of human-like beings coexist. Something about a drug called 'Nectar' which the androids need and humans enjoy as well. Privleged rich and desperate poor. All sorts of terms like 'Neans', 'Visitors', 'Artus', 'Immortal Nine', etc, but no definitions. Wild action as power suits that characters can transform into fight. Lots of gadgets and a semi-exotic setting—but not much of a plot. Surely Rouge must be one of the good guys; is she fighting a drug ring, or what? This show seemed to fall into a category that I had seen before, namely shows with colorfully illustrated but psychologically two-dimensional characters. All the perks in the world come to nothing if the basic characters in a story are not interesting and likeable, and I did not think any of these were. My impression was that this show was relying on gadgets and action to thrill the viewers, but if the characters are blank little is being gambled when action occurs.

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