Hametsu no Oukoku

Title:Hametsu no Oukoku
The Kingdoms of Ruin
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Notables: Animation - Yokohama Animation Lab
WAKI Azumi
Witches were created by God to share his powers with humanity and guide it. But humans have invented technology which rivals the powers of magic, and now yearn to break free of witches, who are cruelly persecuted. Adonis was once the apprentice of Chloe, the Ice Witch. Chloe was brutally executed by none other than King Goerthe of Redia, and Adonis was imprisoned for years. Now, he is released in a prison uprising by Doroka, a human convict.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4741#628]
(Four episodes watched):

I wish the prison uprising that the kind-to-a-fault Doroka inadventantly triggers had been more believable (it could always have been the result of a simple malfunction), but I am eager to see what happens now that Adonis is free and can try to put things right. He has been deeply wronged and has every reason to desire revenge, even against King Goerthe himself. Also interesting will be how the vengeful Adonis and the naive Doroka work together, as it seems they will. This show has a kinky tone to it, as with the way Chloe was humiliated before her execution, and a semi-violent one--more violent than most, but not extremely so. Things are just getting started and it's always possible that this show will be content to rely on sex and violence rather than plot and characters, but I look forward to episode two.

Adonis definitely is quite vengeful once released, to the point of going on a rampage that targets ordinary people of the Capital city. Apparently he has used the time he spent restrained in a compact container to mentally train himself to employ amazing magical powers. And witchcraft was thought to be extinct, so the high-tech device that could neutralize it has fallen into disrepair. But Adonis may not get to punish the one person, King Goerthe, who most deserves it, for a reason that was interesting. Doroka catches up to him and reveals some surprising info: She's actually a Witch on a mission to magically resurrect Chloe, and needs Adonis' help. Then something even more surprising happens, which left me wondering where the plot could possibly go from here. This show definitely has a more complex and carefully thought-out plot than most magical action series.

I was sure I knew at least vaguely what would happen after the cliffhanger at the end of episode two (No doubt Doroka would somehow be revived), but that wasn't what actually happened. But just because this show is unpredictable doesn't mean it is necessarily good. I wasn't excited by the incident from Doroka's past, or the conflict between two different branches of the government, and what significance a strange illness has wasn't clear either. Basically, I have lost any idea of where this story is going and the thought that maybe I should drop it occured to me. Then there was the usual cliffhanger, but this one kind of just cancels out much of what happened in this episode and resets things. I would have preferred if my guess of what was going to happen had been right.

As I watched episode four, the term that came to mind to describe the plot of this show was 'far-fetched'. Things like the place where witches now exist, or Adonis' sudden revelation which flipped everything we thought we knew about who was good and who was bad upside down--it was hard to suspend disbelief and take these seriously. It's surprising how much we can believe while watching works of fiction, so when we start feeling innately skeptical about the claims a show makes is a sign that it has gone much too far. Perhaps the problem is that radical claims seem to come out of nowhere without much or any foreshadowing. This show regularly makes use of cliffhangers which startle us and leave us feeling that we must know more (and even the revelation at the end of this episode managed to tempt me to keep watching). But after several of these which all turned out to be part of an increasingly bizarre plot, I think I will probably drop this show.

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