Kouryaku Wanted!: Isekai Sukuimasu!?

Title:Kouryaku Wanted!: Isekai Sukuimasu!?
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Zanting! Rang Wo Cha Gonglue
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Notables: HIKASA Yoko
SETO Asami
Liu Yinuo is a 30 year old 'corporate slave being worked to the bone at a dodgy company'. Her life sucks and about the only pleasure she enjoys comes from the video games she plays. Then, after falling from a high balcony, she finds herself in a game-like alternate world. "Did I just get Isekai'd?" she asks herself.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4736#628]
(One-and-a-half episodes watched):

Well, if there's one thing the anime world needs, it's a good parody of isekai shows. Unfortunately, as much as I would love this show to be just that, it isn't looking all that great. The comedy seems scattershot--I got a couple of laughs out of episode one, but true comedy is stuff that we weren't expecting yet which makes sense in an unexpected way. There was a good deal of the unexpected here, but much of it made little sense. A tomato dragon? I don't get it. Maybe that was because this show seems to be a cooperative effort between the Japanese and Chinese animation industries. The plot is kind of difficult to follow--things bounce about but it isn't always clear why this event led to that one. And when things are confusing it's hard for me to tell what's important and remember it. Kouryaku- is at its best when it ridicules isekai anime and breaks with stereotypes, but to a certain extent it also conforms to them--like Yinuo being acclaimed as this world's messiah. That is probably necessary, to set up jokes, but I was left not feeling all that intrigued about the plot, since it seemed so standard. In fact, the thought 'where is this going?' crossed my mind at one point.

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