Bocchi the Rock!

Title:Bocchi the Rock!
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Notables: AOYAMA Yoshino
Animation - CloverWorks
Highly introverted and socially anxious Hitori Goto has never had any real friends and has been looking for a way to make some. This pink-haired girl once heard a claim that being part of a band was one way an introvert could truly shine, and went about learning to play the guitar. But three years later she has yet to form a band of her own, though she has earned some online fans as 'GuitarHero'. One day she has a chance encounter with a blond girl named Nijika Ijichi who noticed that she was carrying a guitar.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4580#628]
(One episode watched):

Ten minutes or so into episode one of Bocchi-, the thought crossed my mind "This show isn't 'taking off'". Nothing about the premise really interested me and the jokes, while plentiful, were falling flat. In fact, you could almost say this show was painfully unfunny. Was it funny as a manga (or whatever) I wondered, because it definitely was not as an anime. Is it possible to do such a terrible job of converting a story into an anime that the jokes are ruined by, say, bad timing? If humor is when you get something you weren't expecting but it makes sense nevertheless, then perhaps the problem with this show is that the jokes are basically ones we have already heard many times and therefore have come to expect. And the premise didn't make a whole lot of sense, either; if Hitori is such an introvert, why does she want to be noticed and have friends so much? A true introvert would rather be left alone. Maybe so much effort was wasted on the jokes that she was left without a functioning personality, because I did not really care what became of her at the end. I just wanted the episode to hurry up and be finished (at one point there's a joke where the credits start rolling prematurely, which excited me but turned out to be a disappointment). Maybe I was fatigued as I watched, but this show struggled to hold my attention and seemed like almost a complete waste of time and effort.

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