Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to

Title:Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to
Life with an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated into a Total Fantasy Knockout
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HINO Satoshi
Jinguuji Tsukasa and Tachibana Hinata are two 32-year old salarymen who have known each other since elementary school. Nevertheless, they are radically different. Jinguuji is tall, handsome, athletic and intelligent, and as a result girls flock to him--but he has no interest in them at all. Tachibana is very average in every way, and as a result of having such a charismatic friend he gets no attention from women at all, though he would very much like it. One day, while drunk, Tachibana laments that he would be better off if he was a beautiful woman--and, lo and behold, a Goddess grants his wish. He (now she) and Jinguuji are both transported to an alternate reality where they are declared heroes and assigned to defeat a Demon Lord.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4439#628]
(Seven episodes watched):

I liked the way Jinguuji and Tachibana are selected for this mission and snatched from modern day Japan with barely a word being spoken. Don't draw out something that has already happened countless times in countless shows and is patently impossible anyway. I also liked the way the two are understandably irreverent to this strange woman, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. And the way she seems to be less than completely honest and magnanimous with them. So, this seemed like an amusing show with some originality to it. The basic problem is a little confusing: Tachibana is now so hot that even Jinguuji might not be able to resist being entranced by her (It's hard to make one character noticeably prettier than another in anime), and Tachibana, being a woman now (but with a man's brain?), finds him attractive too, but also resents him for stealing all the cute girls over the years. I think; something like that. This is the result of a 'curse' that the Goddess has placed on them. Both are terrified of what would happen if they so much as admitted that they found the other to be slightly attractive; I was reminded of Kaguya-sama: Love is War. I hope the whole show isn't built around this particular gag, however. Have they really suffered some sort of memory loss? For now, this looks like fun: two guys with an odd problem to overcome and a difficult mission to accomplish. I hope the show has a decent plot.

Episode two did not encourage me. The jokes seem kind of infantile, as if they were written by children for children--like bad guys (and an innocent bystander) get thrown through the air and land with their pointy helmets stuck in the ground. Why, again, does it matter than Tachibana actually has a man's mind? Maybe that was just a one-time gag and the writers themselves soon forgot about it. I guess the ultimate goal of these two is to accomplish the quest which the Goddess assigned to them and return things (like Tachibana's gender) to normal. But this show is mostly goofy humor without much attention being paid to how important that goal is, so it's easy to forget. I guess the bantering between them can be amusing at times (like Tachibana observing that he could lounge inside their magically summonable apartment room while Jinguuji does the actual walking) but this is definitely not a LOL show. Were we really supposed to be surprised when the 'Interrogator' is revealed to be a woman? I had thought she was female all along. If the pickings this season had not been rather meager I would probably have quit watching a good deal earlier than I ultimately did.

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