Doubutsu Takarajima

Title:Doubutsu Takarajima
Animal Treasure Island
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Jim is working as an innkeeper, together with his friend, the mouse Gran. One day, a mysterious man visits the inn, leaving a map behind. The map shows an island with a treasure. So the duo sets off in their own little boat, trying to fulfil their dreams and leaving the inn far behind. But it seems more people knows of the map, as they cross paths with Captain Silver and his band of wild pirates. Jim, Gran and their new friend Kathy tries to beat them in the treasure hunt that ensues.
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78-minute film released on March 20, 1971.
Animated by Toei.
An animated adaptation of Robert Lewis Stevenson's Treasure Island.
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Watch 6 6 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:4323#1552]
This is largely a loose adaptation of Stevenson's well-known adventure novel involving animal pirates and human boy Jim trying to outwit them to get to Treasure Island. The film's clearly aimed for kids with the light-hearted comedy and bumbling antics of the animal pirates that Jim has to deal with throughout his adventure. Also for fans of Hayao Miyazaki, this was one of the films that he was involved in as a key animator and story consultant during his time at Toei Animation. But for the most part, this film is mostly worthwhile for younger audiences with the heavy emphasis on light-hearted comedy involved with the animal pirates.

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