Dragon, Ie wo Kau

Title:Dragon, Ie wo Kau
Dragon Goes House-Hunting
Dragon's House-Hunting
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Notables: FUKUEN Misato
IZAWA Shiori
'Letty' is a young red dragon who has been cast out by his family after falling asleep and allowing a dragon egg to be stolen. Having pathetic stats, he concludes that what he needs is a good hiding place and goes looking for one.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4303#628]
(Two episodes watched):

Based on the translated title alone, I had figured that this would probably be an inane show and had been reluctant to watch it. But once I did, I found it to be funnier than I had been expecting. The naive Letty is not exactly terrifying, and he wanders about with little idea who he should and shouldn't trust. Japanese humor often doesn't translate well into English, but this show seemed to have a sublime, amusing feel to it that anyone could enjoy. But surely some sort of plot will need to develop since it is hard to imagine these sort of hijinx simply continuing for twelve episodes. I hope the part with plot is as funny as the introductory episode. Episode two was even funnier as Letty meets Dearia, an Elf architect and real estate agent (he has another talent as well). They go and tour two potential hideouts for Letty, a dungeon and a haunted house. This may well be the best comedy of the season. On second thought, I wouldn't mind if little or no plot comes together if the comedy remains as good as this. But no sooner had I said this than I found myself growing tired of this sort of humor, and decided that while I would stop watching for now, I'd save the episodes for later.

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