Soukou Musume Senki

Title:Soukou Musume Senki
LBX Girls
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Notables: AIDA Rikako
Animation - Studio A-Cat
Riko accompanied a friend to the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo to take advantage of a gathering of fans of the Gundam-like LBX franchise. She is not particularly interested in mecha herself, but while examining a plastic figure of an LBX mobile suit, she is somehow whisked away to an alternate reality in which Tokyo lies in ruins and 'LBX Girls' fight against the Mimesis, an 'enemy of mankind'.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4244#628]
(One episode watched):

This show had been looking like an attempt to attract tourists to Tokyo until Riko opened the box which contained the figure. That was definitely a surprise, since I had known nothing about it previously. Afterwards, however, very little was surprising. It all seemed pretty generic to me; things like an insect-like robot enemy, and the fact that only cute girls with special equipment have much effect on them, and the way they undergo a lengthy transformation sequence as they trade their ordinary clothes for that equipment, and fancy technical mumbo-jumbo (like 'Temporal Conjugation' or 'Phase Transfer'. I bet there is about a snowball's chance in hell that the explanation of how Riko flipped over to this reality will be engaging and intriguing. She naturally doesn't know what to think and initially interprets this all as some super-realistic video game, which was sort of amusing. But I kind of get the feeling that this show would have been better off if it had been either completely serious or completely humorous rather than trying to be both. I didn't detect anything really novel about this show to set it apart from all the similar ones. It's another of the sort of shows where I find myself daydreaming about how I would have rewritten it myself if given the chance. On the other hand, there might be some potential in what happens when Riko visits her address in this alternate reality and finds out what it has become (this will seemingly happen in episode two). No doubt she will become a formidable LBX girl herself before the story is over. According to ANN, this is a sequel of yet another anime which I've never seen (known only as 'LBX'), which might explain why it seemed largely unattractive to me.

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