List Titles with MURAKAWA Rie

Title Rating Synopsis
Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky Unevaluated See Escha & Logy no Atelier: Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi

Escha & Logy no Atelier: Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi
Unevaluated In order to survive the eventual arrival of the "Dusk End," people of the western reaches of the "Land of Dusk" devoted their efforts to rediscover and recreate lost alchemic technologies. Those technologies were then gathered in the alchemy city known as "Central," where research was conducted on how to halt the advance of the twilight. Having learned the newest alchemic techniques in Central, young alchemist Logy requested a transfer to an understaffed town of Colseit on the frontier to make use of his abilities. There he meets Escha, an apprentice girl assigned to the Development Department. Together, the two make a promise to use their alchemic techniques to bring success to the Development Department.
Komi Can't Communicate Unevaluated See Komi-san wa Comyushou desu

Komi-san wa Comyushou desu
Unevaluated Hirohito Tadano is an average, not particularly courageous guy whose strategy after gaining admission to the prestigious Itan Private High School is to avoid drawing attention to himself. That will not be easy, since he has been seated alongside the elegant, beautiful, highly admired Shoko Komi, which makes his classmates jealous of him and resentful. But he finds that Komi-san has a secret: while she looks calm and collected, she actually suffers from extreme social phobia to the extent that she is virtually incapable of engaging in conversation with anyone.
LBX Girls Unevaluated See Soukou Musume Senki

Non Non Biyori
Watch Asahioka Branch School, a combined elementary and middle school in an isolated village, has only five students total, four girls and one boy. The girls are best friends, and pass the season with traditional activities like harvesting mountain herbs and fishing.

Soukou Musume Senki
Unevaluated Riko accompanied a friend to the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo to take advantage of a gathering of fans of the Gundam-like LBX franchise. She is not particularly interested in mecha herself, but while examining a plastic figure of an LBX mobile suit, she is somehow whisked away to an alternate reality in which Tokyo lies in ruins and 'LBX Girls' fight against the Mimesis, an 'enemy of mankind'.

Vividred Operation
Watch Here in a world where science has solved all questions. This story is set in Oshima. The happy, carefree 14 year old Akane Isshiki lived a poor, but well loved life together with her reliable little sister, Momo, who does all the housework, and her grandfather, Kenjirou, a genius inventor who only created useless devices. When the weather is clear, they can see the artificial island, Blue Island, across the sea. In the center of that island rises the revolutionary Manifestation Engine, a discovery that solved the world's energy problems.
のんのんびより Watch See Non Non Biyori
エスカ&ロジーのアトリエ ~黄昏の空の錬金術士~ Unevaluated See Escha & Logy no Atelier: Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi
ビビッドレッド・オペレーション Watch See Vividred Operation
古見さんは、コミュ症です。 Unevaluated See Komi-san wa Comyushou desu
装甲娘戦機 Unevaluated See Soukou Musume Senki

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