Magatsu Wahrheit -Zuerst-

Title:Magatsu Wahrheit -Zuerst-
禍つヴァールハイト -ZUERST-
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Notables: ABE Atsushi
Animation - Yokohama Animation Lab
ONO Yuuki
Amid widespread unrest within the Wahrheit Empire (caused in part by Dinosaur-like 'Mutants' running wild), warehouse worker Inumael Grauer and idealistic army recruit Leokadio Weller find themselves entangled in a conspiracy that may shake the Empire to it's foundations.

12 episodes

(Magatsu Wahrheit -Zuerst- translates as Evil Truth -First-)
Based on a popular MMORPG.
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4226#628]
(Two episodes watched):

English language credits was one unusual touch of MWZ; though anime with ominous German terms in their titles seldom leave me feeling thrilled. Background art is nice, but moving images fall somewhat short of the same standard. The Dinosaur-like 'Mutants' were kind of hard to take seriously, but in general the remainder of the premise seemed fairly plausible. I appreciated the effort to instill a little sense of the problems that the Empire has to deal with, like the debate in the Diet (Parliament). Many shows just tell us that there's trouble and expect us to imagine what sort on our own; here there's enough detail to make it feel realistic. A 'Prophecy of the Dawn', whatever that is, is mentioned. One not quite so realistic touch: why the f--- do these guys still carry swords in fights with machine-gun armed opponents? The story cuts off abruptly in the middle of a shoot-out; I expected a bit after the ED sequence to clarify things, but there was none. Who are the good guys and the bad ones? Is the Empire corrupt and tyrannical? Are these smugglers of the 'Headkeeper' organization nothing more than criminals, or do they have a legitimate grievance with the authorities? So, in the end I had mixed feelings about MWZ--as of yet no questions had arisen that I felt I needed an answer to, but it was not inconceivable that they still might.

After watching episode two I couldn't really say that I was excited by the plot. I still felt that we didn't really know either Leokadio or Inumael well enough to care all that much what becomes of them or to take sides (and I don't think that was intentional). Leokadio is acting as an aide to a sadistic officer and Inumael is now a killer and a member of a smuggling ring (they sure came to trust him quickly). I feel we aren't being told enough to make sense of the story and really enjoy it. Some sort of disease, 'Luminosis' affects a child--what causes it? Is there any treatment? Some silver-haired sorceress is wandering around, looking for something, but we aren't told anything other than that, which is frustrating. We don't learn anything new about either the mutants or the prophecy. It got to the point where I started daydreaming about how I would have rewritten the script if given the chance. It also got to the point where I decided not to watch any more.

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