Magical Senpai
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A new student at Tanenashi high school (his name is never revealed) is required to join a club, and becomes curious about the 'Fun Magic Club'. But he finds that Tejina-senpai, the club leader, is about the worst musician in the world, being totally incompetent at it and having severe stage fright as well. All she has going for her is a sincere love of magic and a refusal to give up. She drafts him as her 'assistant' (though even he can perform magic tricks better than she can), and largely out of pity he accepts the role.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3729#628]
(One episode watched):

I found this to be a genuinely funny show, though, as 'Assistant' put it, sometimes 'much too vulgar'. The jokes often involve tricks gone wrong leaving Tejina in embarrassing and suggestive positions. But it doesn't feel 'dirty' since these things happen by accident and nothing perverted happens when they do. Perhaps because Tejina is so bad at magic and is often humiliated, you can feel sorry for her and wish for her to get better at it. She's not a total airhead and has a handicap--her stage fright--which you would like to see her overcome. That's important, and since there are some genuine laughs to be had, this seemed like a fun show that I plan to watch. It's telling that I rewatched this episode the next day.

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