Senryuu Shoujo

Title:Senryuu Shoujo
Senryuu Girl
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For some reason, the only way Nanako Yukishiro can communicate is by writing senryuu--short, semi-humorous 3-line poems with a structure of 5-7-5 syllables.

12 twelve-minute episodes.
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Rent Stretch [series:3695#628]
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This show has a bizarre premise which isn't really explained, but an explanation isn't really necessary since it is pretty much a modestly amusing comedy. I appreciate the lack of overt fanservice for once; I started watching five different short anime, and this and one other are the only ones that make no use of suggestive situations. Instead Senryuu Shoujo is a comedy with some pure and wholesome romance. On the other hand, it isn't outrageously funny, and some sort of story would be desirable to pick up the slack. Fortunately, a story of sorts comes together with time. I thought episode three, in which Nanako and Eiji, the boy who secretly likes her, go to an amusement park was sort of touching in a way. The show had seemed pretty shallow previously, but maybe it would go into greater depth on topics like whether a girl who cannot bring herself to speak to anyone can have a boyfriend or fall in love. Nanako seems like an innocent and likeable girl, and the viewer can hope that things work out well for her despite her handicap. I suppose it could be argued that it is an advantage rather than a liability. In episode four we meet another character who can only communicate in an unconventional manner. This seemed like a good idea to me, since it was fairly funny and the novelty of Nanako's problem had sort of worn off. I doubted if anybody would be 'cured' at any point and be able to communicate normally, but that was OK if the content stayed fresh. The final episode relates how Nanako and Eiji first met, and was both amusing and moving. In the end this was definitely my favorite of the five Spring 2019 shorts that I watched at least part of.

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