Himote House

Title:Himote House
Himote House: A share house of super psychic girls
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Notables: AKESAKA Satomi
Animation - Bouncy
The rambunctious Tae Hongo has come to the home of her friend, Kokoro Himote, where she will be staying from now on. She meets Kokoro's older sister Tokiyo and her younger one, Kinami, plus Minamo Arai, another friend who is living there. The girls discuss each person's responsibilities, when the bath will be available, when clothes should be washed, etc. Also, almost as an afterthought, Tae learns that each of the girls is a psychic with a unique paranormal ability.

12 episodes
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Almost instantaneously, the voices, the 3d-like animation, and the general wackiness of this show sounded and looked familiar, and I had a feeling that I had seen it somewhere before. I finally figured out that I was being reminded of gdgd men's party, and indeed both anime are products of an outfit known as 'Bouncy'. The impulsive, wacky feel of this show, the timing and the peculiar sense of humor had me giggling before long. Himote House looks good so far; though I'm glad it will be a short rather than a full-length anime, since the craziness is sort of mentally exhausting. After the freshness wore off I found myself wishing that this show was just a little bit funnier than it is, since the quantity of laughs I get doesn't seem appropriate to a show with such a weird premise. These girls may be psychics, but they are still largely clueless about how to attract a boyfriend. Indeed, at one point in episode six I realized that I had forgotten that they were psychics at all, because they hadn't used their powers for a while and the modest humor and lack of much of an ongoing plot meant I tended not to remember much of what had happened in the previous episode while watching. I think I watched it to the end--I didn't finalize my review at the time and three month later the show doesn't stick in my memory all that much (which should tell you something).

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