Hataraku Saibou

Title:Hataraku Saibou
Cells at Work!
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Notables: HANAZAWA Kana
MAENO Tomoaki
The operation of the human body at a cellular level--especially how it resists germs and viruses--is explained by means of people acting as metaphors for various types of cells.

13 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3552#628]
(One episode watched):

Well, I can only guess that the idea here was to educate viewers about human anatomy--because this show, while highly original, wasn't very entertaining. The jokes weren't exactly LOL funny, and the characters (who don't even have names) probably won't have any more personality than the cells they represent would. Indeed, giving them personality might distract from the main mission of the show. The main characters are a delivery girl who represents a red blood cell and a knife-wielding security guard who represents a white one. Germs are depicted as evil villains which the guard is continually on the watch for. Realizing just how vulnerable to infection and continually in danger we are can be a little disturbing. So, the only reason I can think of to watch would be if you are curious about how your body works.

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