Ryū no Haisha

Title:Ryū no Haisha
The Dragon Dentist
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Notables: R1 License - Sentai Filmworks (ADV)
Dragons are strong enough to turn the tide in wars among nations, but they have a single weakness: their teeth. If a dragon's tooth is plagued by strong enough cavities, the dragon cannot fight, hence why there are dragon dentists that are in charge of keeping dragon's teeth healthy and free of any additional debris (usually random objects both big and small found between teeth). One day, a fallen soldier is found among the debris by a dentist, Nonoko, and his very existence is a foretelling of disastrous events. So of course the now-revived soldier becomes a dentist-in-training as well, with the help of Nonoko and the other dentists, amidst a war at its climax, and hidden agendas that they are not even aware of it.

90-minute TV special that premiered on February 18, 2017.
Animated by Khara.
Licensed by Sentai Filmworks.
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Watch 8 7 8 7 5 Ggultra2764 [series:3493#1552]
Dragon Dentist as a premise seems like an interesting one on paper in its focus on human souls chosen to care for the teeth of a dragon as dentists against corrupted cavities. Unfortunately, it falls into the trap of a number of anime films in that its very premise is too grand to tell within a condensed running time of 90 minutes, leading events to progress at a breakneck pace and have little time to connect with characters and its world. A shame too as I would have interest in seeing this adapted into a proper TV anime if given a good animation budget and a long enough running time. As it is though, it's just a forgettable footnote in Khara's animated resume.

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