Jikan no Shihaisha

Title:Jikan no Shihaisha
Chronos Ruler
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Notables: Animation - project No. 9
There's an strange story that at the clock tower of the town cemetery, at midnight on a night with a full moon, if you wish to return to some point in your past, you can. It turns out that there's some truth to this fantastic tale--but there's a major sacrifice that must be made in exchange, and you'd be better off to accept your life as it is than to try to change it. Two heroes, Kiri and Victor employ amazing powers to fight the hideous 'Horologues' that prey upon people who want to redo their lives.

13 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3377#628]
(One episode watched):

It was a little difficult deciding which keywords were appropriate for this show: 'Time Manipulation' might be more accurate than Time Travel, and my first impression is that Fantasy is more appropriate than sci-fi. Anyway, I quickly got the feeling that this show, like many others, fell into a category of unremarkable, disappointing action shows which, while the fine details vary, are in general highly similar: Colorful, mysterious, hot (but not very deep) protagonist dudes with mystical powers; An ordinary person who learns their secret and teams up with them; hideous but nonsensical enemy creatures; bizarre weapons/skills; and ultimately a premise which is strange yet in general predictable and unremarkable. This genre has already been beaten to death countless times. Perhaps the problem is that I can't suspend disbelief and take a story seriously if the threat which I'm urged to fear doesn't make a semblance of sense. Why should I care if 'Horologues' are 'stealing people's time' when no credible explanation whatsoever if offered as to how they are able to do this? Maybe that problem arises from another problem that came first: you have to convince me that it really is possible to alter time before you can convince me that this altered time might be 'stolen'. This was not done. As a result I couldn't get particularly engaged with this show. Attempts to flip-flop the tone back and forth between horror and comedy fell flat, since the jokes were not very funny, and the effort did nothing but trivialize the action. Kiri and Victor didn't seem to have much personality to them, which was another reason I found it difficult to care whether they would beat the Horologues or not. This was not a totally amateurish show, but I was not particularly impressed and saw little reason to watch the remainder of it.

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